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Zombie Hill Racing APK is a 2D driving game where you will find many roads where zombies are waiting.
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INLOGIC ARCADE - zombie racing shooter
Oct 10, 2022
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Zombie Hill Racing APK is a 2D driving game where you will find many roads where zombies are waiting. You can easily destroy them in many ways when you go through and use explosive weapons. Also, gas determines everything, so you will need to upgrade the car to improve performance and get a new car when you reach the lower stages.

It can be said that the theme of zombies has always been used in many games when it comes to challenges against scary zombies, and in Zombie Hill Racing, you will need to get rid of them. You will have a car and try to cross paths with waiting enemies. Of course, when you apply a strong force to your car, it can eventually be destroyed. So the challenge you have in this game is how far you can go.

You will drive your car in a 2D environment to focus on factors such as the gas pedal and the vehicle’s condition. Regarding the condition of the car, there will be an element of speed and especially gas because it affects the player’s progress. In addition, the car is controlled with only two buttons which are forward or backward. You will control the speed so that the car is always moving forward and make sure that its position is always stable to complete a stage or level in the game.

Once you have a car in Zombie Hill Racing, you will control it to travel through many different places with your gas mileage. You will be able to attack enemies and hit specific terrains that you must overcome. Also, when you download an item that can increase speed, you can accelerate the car forward and save a certain amount of gas when you press the Go button. It can be said that gasoline is something that you should focus on in this game.

You can see that the progress bar appears at the top of the screen, and sometimes it has many different stages. You will reach these points but sometimes you will stop along the way because you ran out of gas. Therefore, the stage is a place to mark the continuation so that you can continue to achieve other stages if you have already started and do not need to start from the beginning. In addition, the game screen also collects some explosive elements and helps you to clear the obstacles that appear in front of you quickly.

When you enter the Zombie Hill Racing garage, you will get many parts that you can buy and buy your car. When their number is in different features, it is completely interesting, and you will know which one to prioritize. Also, each type of vehicle will be used at a certain level, and a new vehicle will appear when you go to the next level. So the journey of innovation is always on.

You can see the stages you have completed on the cars and access the following stages. At the same time, the number of items built on the vehicles will also vary according to their features.

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