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Youtube Vanced APK is an application that allows users to watch videos on various topics posted by creators, and you can even do it.
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Youtube Vanced APK is a modified version of the official YouTube app that allows you to watch videos without ads. It is an ad-blocking software that is not available on the Google Play Store, but it can be downloaded from the official YouTube Vanced website. It offers a range of features, including background playback, dark mode, and pinch-to-zoom.

Features of YouTube Vanced

  1. Ad-Free Experience: One of the key features of YouTube Vanced is its ad-blocking capability. It blocks all types of ads, including video ads, banner ads, and sponsored content, allowing you to enjoy a seamless viewing experience.
  2. Background Playback: Another feature of YouTube Vanced is the ability to play videos in the background while using other apps on your device. This feature allows you to listen to music or podcasts while doing other things on your device.
  3. Dark Mode: YouTube Vanced offers a dark mode option that reduces eye strain when watching videos in low-light conditions. It also saves battery life on devices with OLED screens.
  4. Pinch to Zoom: With YouTube Vanced, you can zoom in and out of videos by pinching the screen. This feature allows you to get a closer look at details in the video or zoom out to get a wider view.
  5. Playback Speed Control: YouTube Vanced allows you to control the playback speed of videos. You can speed up or slow down the video playback according to your preferences.

How to Download and Install YouTube Vanced

The official YouTube Vanced website offers a simple and easy-to-follow guide for downloading and installing the app on your device. The website offers different versions of YouTube Vanced for different Android versions and devices.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download and install YouTube Vanced on your device:

  1. Go to the official YouTube Vanced website and download the appropriate version of the app for your device.
  2. Enable the “Unknown Sources” option in the security settings of your device to allow the installation of apps from third-party sources.
  3. Install the YouTube Vanced app by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Once installed, open the app and log in with your Google account to access your YouTube subscriptions and playlists.

Is YouTube Vanced Safe?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is safe to use. It is a legitimate app that is not available on the Google Play Store because it violates the terms and conditions of the YouTube API. However, it is safe to use, and the app is regularly updated to ensure it is free of bugs and security issues.


Youtube Vanced APK is an excellent solution for anyone looking for an ad-free and distraction-free YouTube experience. Its features, including background playback, dark mode, pinch to zoom, and playback speed control, make it a must-have app for any YouTube user. Follow the easy steps above to download and install YouTube Vanced on your device today.


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