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Looking for some real action as you are free to control your great character in Wrestling Revolution 3D APK?
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Apr 13, 2021
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Looking for some real action as you are free to control your great character in Wrestling Revolution 3D APK? Create your own characters and challenge your opponents in epic battles as you take on this awesome fighting game.

Choose between a variety of different tournaments as you help your hero fulfill his dreams of becoming the best wrestler of all time. Take on all kinds of opponents in epic battles with or without real rules


If you are a sports enthusiast and you love to embark on the ultimate journey of a champion in the making of wrestlers, then you will definitely enjoy Wrestling Revolution 3D.

As mentioned, the game introduces players to every aspect of a warrior’s life and the paths they will follow. Create your characters with unique characteristics, start your career by participating in simple battles, then gain enough experience and reputation to go to higher tournaments.

Find yourself a manager and sponsor who can help develop your career. Work hard and you will have the chance to fight the big boys in the world championship. And of course, the interesting and exciting fighting mechanics will surely satisfy you.


Enjoy the greatest wrestling simulator on your mobile devices
For the first time, Android players will have the chance to experience this awesome and thrilling fighting game on their mobile devices. Get access to all the unique aspects of the wrestling business, not just the real inside but also the businesses going on outside of it.

Create your characters, customize and train to enter tournaments, sign contracts with a famous manager, and appear in the most popular wrestling events The game is reserved for the most serious fans of wrestling because you will have the chance to choose many activities as a professional fighter, from negotiating contracts to choosing the maps of your tough battles. The road to becoming a legendary wrestler requires a lot of effort.

Create your own characters with unique customizations
For starters, the game introduces players to interactive character customization where they can easily create unique characters from specific options. Let your creativity run free and have your own fighter in this game

On top of that, as you get deeper into the game, there will be more interesting features for you to pick up. Dress up your fighter in all kinds of outfits and customize your entrance music to your liking.

Find yourself competing against hundreds of athletes around the world
Players in Wrestling Revolution 3D will face real challenges as they climb the ranks to become famous professional wrestlers. As mentioned, you have to take on more than 300 different characters that are distributed in the game in many promotions.

Note that the following is much more difficult than before. Face tougher opponents every time you step into the ring.

Simple and intuitive controls
The game features relatively simple touch controls that allow players to quickly become familiar with the gameplay and battles. In addition, you will also have access to intuitive tutorials that will teach you how to fight effectively in Wrestling Revolution 3D.

Use effective training to help your characters
In order for your characters to deal with the increasing battles, you will have to prepare yourself for the challenges both physically and mentally. Start familiarizing yourself with battles with multiple training. Learn to fight effectively in the ring, and discover your many skills as you kick your opponent’s ass.

Explore unique battles with different rings
With Wrestling Revolution 3D, players will have the chance to experience the best wrestling challenges. Start fighting in different arenas with unique ring styles. You can even enjoy yourself in the first-ever War Games.

On top of that, the fights in Wrestling Revolution 3D are not only about getting the best results by defeating your opponents in a few seconds. Instead, you’ll learn to entertain your audience with realistic acting. Since you are helping to raise the ticket price, try your best to give them the most satisfying experience.

Enjoy the unique matching system
In addition, you are also allowed to participate in interesting custom matches where you can feel free to apply your own rules. Explore the Mix & Match feature and create custom lineups with unique lineups. Join your opponents in epic battles that can feature up to 20 different fighters. In the custom ring, you can use everything.

What's new

- Enhanced compatibility with the latest devices in either landscape orientation, whilst still retaining support for older 32-bit devices.
- Slightly faster frame rate recommended as standard (130%).



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