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VivaCut APK will bring you the perfect video editor to create amazing videos. From birthday wishes to event invitations you need a video, the app will do the job for you.
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VivaCut professional video editor
Nov 4, 2022
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VivaCut APK will bring you the perfect video editor to create amazing videos. From birthday wishes to event invitations you need a video, the app will do the job for you. When you come to this application, you will experience a video editor with a simple interface, easy to use, but the quality of the created video is at the highest level. This is a professional video editor for everyone.

In fact, every user, from amateurs to professionals, wants the products they create to be at their best. So Video Editor APP – VivaCut will be the most professional video editor for everyone. The videos you create from the application will achieve excellent quality and are fully suitable for today’s video game applications.

You will feel that the videos you create will look like trailers from Hollywood blockbusters. Because the application will allow you to use a Green Screen color filter, and all filtered videos will give a feeling very similar to the blocks above. In addition, the video will also be in many different formats such as squares, rectangles, and ovals,… The different proportions that you apply will also cause other effects that are used by the viewers of the video.

And in order for the application to reach a completely professional quality, the most basic features in video editing will be available. So you will also be able to use basic features in your videos easily and conveniently. You also don’t have to worry too much that if they are basic features, your videos won’t be effective because you will be free to create them according to your ideas.

You will be able to adjust the frame of the movies carefully through the timer which is clearly displayed on the screen. Then how the frames will look, their effects, and endings can be adjusted as desired. Additionally, you can also insert text into each different movie clip to convey the message you want the video to convey. In addition, if you find that the inserted video is too long for the duration, the video box will also help you to do the job quickly. And many other essential features will help you create a perfect video.

If you are a novice user and want to create simple videos, the basic features will help you do it easily. But if you are a professional user and the quality of the videos you create must be maximum, then you need to use the advanced features. Advanced features will also be built into the application, so you should activate them and start using them.

The first thing you need to talk about is the Picture in Picture feature of the application. This feature will allow you to combine and combine different images into one of your videos to make your video experience twice as interesting as a normal video. In addition, you can also try Blend videos to be able to create a unique product. This feature will allow you to use application-specific mixers such as Hard Light, Color Burn, Screen, Multiplex, Soft Light, and more. In addition, the application has many other advanced features to bring out your experience and creativity.

Creating your own unique, fresh, meaningful video for special events seems complicated for many people. But for the Video Editor APP – VivaCut, even a basic user can create a professional video with the unique features of the application. Try to start with a few basic operations, make a video of yourself and share it with your friends.

What's new

1.New feature: Face cutout,now you can cut out face from image automatically



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