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If you want to build a town that combines the most unique and beautiful city and farm, then check out Township.
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Sep 28, 2022
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If you want to build a town that combines the most unique and beautiful city and farm, then check out Township. This is a fun game with lots of tasks to build, design, and create your own city. Players can freely and freely build and grow what they want in this city to create an extraordinary city with agricultural development. Join the game now to enjoy the fun this game has to offer!

Coming to Township, players can freely build and create their dream town. It will help if you build big houses, bank offices, companies, shops, cinemas, supermarkets, and more. Not only that, but you also create farms with a variety of different crops. They are grown at your factory and produced and fresh products are sent for export. Thanks to it, you will have more income and gradually develop your city.

The people who live in this city are very genuine, have farming characteristics, gentle and kind personalities. You will have the opportunity to chat and get to know them. They will often share and tell you funny stories about their lives. Not only that, but they are also very industrious and engage in agriculture and animal husbandry to earn extra income and improve their lives. Thanks to their efforts, your city grows and becomes more modern, richer, and stronger than before.

In Township, you will encounter unexpected situations that disrupt traffic and everything in the city. For example, the bridge slides between many vehicles, including trucks, cars, and many other cars. All activities are stopped. So you are constantly repairing and restoring these structural engineering works to restore everyday life to people. Not only that, if the railway track breaks down in the middle of the journey, making the train unable to run, and delaying the passengers, don’t worry, there are technical and quick repair systems. Improve and improve the journey.

Players will have the opportunity to take care of and raise cute animals. You should feed them and drink water regularly every day to help them grow and grow fast. Each animal will have a different environment and adaptation. Their food is also very different. Therefore, players need to pay attention and remember those things carefully to avoid confusion, for example, you take chicken feed to feed the dog. In addition, increase and develop livestock farms to increase income and gain the economy of the city.

From the first moment they look at the interface, many people are attracted by its attractiveness and authenticity. The manufacturer has created a city full of everything. Each scene is realistically drawn, very similar to real life; this has created an attraction to the game, which has deeply affected many people – color on it. Things like cars, houses, supermarkets, and large buildings are also designed to be sharp, detailed, and sophisticated. Moreover, with a lot of background music and pleasant sounds in this game that make the players excited and satisfied, it helps them to focus more on the assigned tasks.

Do not forget to collect agricultural products carefully and on time. Then you will connect with foreign companies and export food to the world market. From there your city will gradually grow economically. Also, rare and innovative goods are transported from other countries or islands to the city for use. In addition, you can decorate your city with flags or famous landmarks that the game provides.

You can contact each other on your Facebook or Google+ friends list and invite your friends to explore and build this city together in this game. Thanks to it, you can get to know yourself and make new connections, create together and create a beautiful city like a dream. Additionally, you can have a community of people who join this game to share experiences and playstyles, helping each other create the cities they want. Please introduce your loved ones around you to join in the fun and learn lots of interesting things.

What's new

* A new expedition to a desert island!
* Clear the way to find the Jade Turtle treasure!
* New skins: Ghost Ship and Port of Horrors!
* Dress up your sheep as witches and your chickens as harlequins!
* Solve the romantic mystery of an old observatory!
* Renovate the location and enjoy a lovely sunrise!
* Farmers' Race.
* Space Race regatta season.
* 14 new Halloween decorations.
* A new town expansion.



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