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Welcome to Toca Hair Salon 3! Our most popular app series returns, better than ever! What do you feel like creating today — something quirky, pretty or edgy? Choose your character from dozens of looks that you can customize — characters have randomized styles and personalities, which creates endless play opportunities! Grab your tools and get styling!
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Oct 31, 2022
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Welcome to Toca Hair Salon 3 – one of Toca Boca’s most popular games is back in the Toca Life series. Welcome and best wishes to everyone. The game is back with many improvements, better than ever. Just imagine how much fun it would be to create your own beautiful day. You can also create something amazing, beautiful, or angry. Choose your character from dozens of characters you can customize – each with a unique personality and style.

At the beginning of a great game, you will start to choose one of ten characters carefully selected by the producer. Each character will bring a unique color and style. They can choose a personality type, moderate or rebellious. In addition, each character will have different personality types as well. The game will automatically select completely new characters with dozens of modes. Let’s create endless gaming opportunities together! Take your tools and wash your hair.

The hairstyles in Toca Hair Salon 3 look very realistic. From the obvious details on the outside to the subtle details in each hairstyle, they do it all very carefully. When you’re experimenting with your hair for the first time, you can choose straight hair, wavy curls, or subtle curls. When there are different big events, customers can come to this hair salon to choose unique hairstyles. You will carefully advise people. For example, curly hair, when you do this hairstyle, your hair will look fuller and richer than other natural hairstyles.

A high-end salon will include a variety of equipment. No salon is complete without the right tools. For the basics, you will, of course, find any tool to improve your work. Everything you need to wash your hair well will include a shampoo and a dryer. In addition, you will find tools such as scissors, trimmers, brushes, razors, and multi-tools to use on your client’s hair. If you accidentally cut too much, this salon will add hair growth tonics – sure to please customers.

You will find new fun in Toca Hair Salon 3. In the salon with a variety of hairstyles and a creative mind. You will definitely give your customers a good experience in your salon. Many beautiful hairstyles will be made by you and fashioned for your customers. In modern times, hairdressing tools are also more advanced. Electric hair tools allow you to switch between different hair types for the right hairstyle. You can choose between straight hair, wavy hair, and now curly hair.

Everyone will have a unique personality, and a unique lifestyle that cannot be confused. Use the new braiding tool for your customers. Be sure that your customers will be 100% satisfied and will come back again and again. Players can use the new hair-styling technology to create accessories for customers. You will use it for a variety of styling options. Additionally, players can plant as thick or as thin as they want.

Every customer can style themselves at Toca Hair Salon 3. By simply asking them, you can make your customers happy and beautiful. In this game, customers can grow beards and style them. Every customer who has a beard visits the beard station for the best care. Wash with shaving cream, then use scissors, a trimmer, or a razor for the right length.

You have a large hall, so most of the services in this are very modern. Even hair coloring tools are becoming more and more advanced. You can paint and stain any color you want. In addition, hair color is really different. The advanced hair styling tool is presented to you with two different boxes for different sprays and sizes. The new rainbow spray allows you to create different styles with a variety of colors.

Characters can now change into different outfits. Try to find a new look in beautiful clothes and beautiful hair. Spice up the look by adding simple accessories like glasses, hats, bracelets, and other miscellaneous items. Choose a more beautiful background image for your column. You will take pictures to save them to your device for memory or sharing.

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