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In Tiny Archers Mod APK, your main task is to take advantage of the ability to calculate and adjust to shoot the right arrows and defeat all the enemies.
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Jul 15, 2021
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Varies with device
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Tiny Archers Mod APK – Your kingdom was in peaceful days when it suddenly fell into crisis when elves from other lands rushed in, causing all the inhabitants to live in fear and unable to face them all. They also destroy and leave your land in darkness; As one of the brave warriors, you will start the battle and join your friends to save your land.

Recognized as one of the exciting action games with meaningful content, you will admire the unique battle scenes with different contexts. It will help if you choose your main character. Each character will have a unique personality, so it must be carefully chosen and also suitable for your own play style. Through adventure and battle, you will experience many challenges and difficult traps, and protect the kingdom of the north from the demons who are always standing and looking to attack you.

In Tiny Archers Mod APK, your main task is to take advantage of the ability to calculate and adjust to shoot the right arrows and defeat all the enemies. When you start playing you will practice your hands and strengthen your skills with challenging levels. There are many levels to help you get used to the gameplay while playing with stationary, moving, and fast enemies. After completing the necessary operations, you will officially go to war.

The first screen where you will fight is very simple, but the difficulties increase, and the power of the enemy becomes bolder and more numerous. When it comes to the back doors, the constant number of incoming you may not be able to keep up. It will help you to be ready for fast and quick attacks on the bow, but also for the need for protection because even a minute of negligence can bring you down. The game will provide you with the necessary bow and arrow functions, and you can optionally change the weapon accordingly.

Not only is the gameplay different, but Tiny Archers Mod APK also gives players a unique setting with the gameplay. When fighting, you can easily see the direction of the enemy and think of tactics to attack them with the map in the left corner of the screen. Enemy soldiers will come in more numbers and attack from all sides, you need to pay attention and be in combat position with them all the time. Before the enemies get too deep into the kingdom, you need to destroy them and prevent them from being destroyed quickly.

Not only do they stand around the entire building, but the goblins also use many different traps to distract you, such as throwing weapons at your sight. In addition, the speed of the enemy’s movement will make you unable to resist, even if you have to go through several stages of radiation to be able to destroy them. To overcome the challenge, find their weak points and holes, and it will make the fight easier.

What's new

-Fix: crash when trying to purchase packages on android 11 system
-Fix: trap placement UI was blocked on certain devices.



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