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A perfectly crafted puzzle-solving experience for players ignites their curiosity as they experience The Room. Players will try to collect tokens and items to advance in the game as well as the plot.
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Apr 26, 2021
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A perfectly crafted puzzle-solving experience for players ignites their curiosity as they experience The Room. Players will try to collect tokens and items to advance in the game as well as the plot. Also, many objects will be reused by you many times to solve puzzles, and you need to watch the box to find the point of the problem. The game is also designed to accommodate new devices and have a better visual experience.

At the beginning of the game, the player will see that a box appears in a completely dark environment, and only he leaves the environment. So you will understand what your goal is inside this game and start to explore your time. A notable feature that impresses many players in the Room is the detailed design of the box. The box is completely designed in detail and has many mechanisms that the player can interact with.

Players will not only see one side of the box but will also be able to rotate to see other sides of it. It can be guaranteed that there will be puzzles around the box, and you will need to pay attention to what you get during the game to solve these puzzles. Also, you don’t have to worry too much about collecting things. Basic items have appeared around the box, and your task is to open the box.

The Room Story appears in the letters you see when you interact with items around the box. Also, it is a letter written by a mysterious person who is believed to have already discovered the box. Over time, you will collect details and put them together, so don’t miss any element because the game also has completely hidden elements that are waiting for you to discover. One of them can be called the Null element.

The Null element is the fifth element and has been recognized for its existence. Therefore, a lot of research has been done, and the players feel uneasy situation of the author of the information. However, this element must be fully utilized, and its properties cannot be fully seen with the naked eye. In particular, you will find a related item to find this item and a unique item to solve the puzzle.

At the beginning of The Room, the player will receive a strange letter and a key. The key is used to open the box placed next to it, and it is also a way for the player to understand the game mechanics. Specifically, players will unlock the object in the tutorial level, rotate the box, and start interacting with it to unlock the first items like the Curious Eyepiece. As mentioned above, there are puzzles around that box.

Your goal within this game is completely understandable: to open the box by interacting with the various elements around the box. In particular, at the bottom of the box, there will be one button: Fire. This is the first clue that you need to solve because it has a key that can open many of the locks that appear inside this game. The way to get it is straightforward; when you press it, the key is gradually revealed.

One point that this box makes difficult for the player is the accuracy and flexibility of the player’s design. If you don’t monitor, you won’t be able to see special hints during the game. For example, after obtaining the universal key, you will see a square and two squares on the face. The white area that indicates the element next to it is drawn, opening the hole to insert this key.

With the above explanations, you can see how difficult and interesting it can be. You need to watch all the sides carefully to find the clues and find the items needed to open it. Also, with the universal wrench you have, you need to adjust the angle of the head that will be inserted into the hole because each drive will have a different hole shape, and you need to turn this head correctly. Also, during the game, don’t forget to use the lens to identify Null.

Null appears a lot around and in the box. It is sometimes associated with some box problems and you need to use wool to find these items. Also, the Null symbol is distinguished as a linear symbol and is associated with a rotating element. You will open the lens and rotate it until the symbol indicated by the Null is logically connected. But opening the first box is only the beginning because many more boxes await.

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