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Temple Run APK begins with you, an intrepid explorer who accidentally gets his hands on a cursed idol from a forbidden temple.
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Sep 14, 2022
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Temple Run APK begins with you, an intrepid explorer who accidentally gets his hands on a cursed idol from a forbidden temple. Now, you have to run for your life because the Evil Devil Monkeys are after you trying to get your holy idol. Run through an endless maze with all kinds of traps and obstacles that will blow you up.

Temple Run is your best chance to test your reflexes as well as your hand-eye coordination. Enjoy portable and customizable gaming that you can pick up whenever you want. Feel free to run through an endless maze and try to beat your high score once again. Or if you prefer, you can join the online world and have your skills tested by other great runners from all over the world. Compete together to find out who is the best at Temple Run.

Simple and addictive game
To begin with, players are introduced to very simple yet familiar gameplay in Temple Run on their mobile devices. It will take you some time to get to know the game and the mechanics. That being said, the only thing that matters in the Temple is that you run for your life. No monsters to fight, no experiences to level up, etc.

Not to mention that simple and intuitive hand controls make the game intuitive for gamers. No matter how inexperienced you are during the game, you will still find the game easy thanks to its simplified controls. Just move in certain directions to turn, turn, turn, etc. Everything comes naturally in Temple Run.

Collect coins while you’re in the game to unlock awesome characters
And when you run through the levels of Temple Run, it’s important to spend a few times collecting the coins that appear along the way. They will be useful when you need to buy some items or unlock useful items in the game. On top of that, the total amount of coins also decides whether you get bonus points or not. So whether you’re trying to beat your records or compete with others, it’s always a good idea to save enough money.

Use amazing powers to help you escape the maze of death
As mentioned, since you are being chased by evil monkeys and you are facing all kinds of obstacles, it is recommended that you do not open some useful gems to cheat your death. Temple Run now features all kinds of amazing powers and players can use them. That being said, you can find yourself completely immune to traps for a certain amount of time, run faster and higher, collect coins automatically, and more. Each power-up gives you significant advantages over enemies, so you shouldn’t miss them.

Run through multiple environments
And as you run through the different levels and stages of the maze, you will find yourself trapped in completely different places with different obstacles and challenges that are completely different from the others. Run and try a new style of free running. Avoid all kinds of traps and always be alert because you never know where the dangers may come from.

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We are 10!!!
Join us in celebrating these years of escaping from traps, falls and one estranged Demon Monkey.
A gift of gold awaits the players seeking the nostalgia of the adventure that began it all.



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