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Temple Run 2 APK has endless gameplay. I think it is very similar to Subway Surfer, but this game has a different plot and content.
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Oct 7, 2022
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Temple Run 2 APK has endless gameplay. I think it is very similar to Subway Surfer, but this game has a different plot and content. You’re an adventurer lost in a mysterious forest, but you’re lucky to find an ancient artifact that dates back thousands of years. But you never know if you are having a real dream. This ancient has a terrible curse, whoever dares to wake it will face disaster. You have awakened the giant monster that guards the ancients, and now you have to run as fast as you can if you don’t want it to tear your body apart. Remember, don’t look back, it’s always behind you!

How to play
Temple Run 2 Game requires you to be skilled in avoiding obstacles and collecting coins on your journey. You have to really focus on dangerous cliff falls, zip lines, and dark dungeons filled with traps. Just one mistake, and you’ll be the monster’s dinner.

The gameplay you probably know is pretty simple, including swiping the screen up to control the character’s jump, swiping down to turn, and swiping right or side to side. It’s always easier said than done, especially when the game tries to thwart your efforts by designing so many subtle traps that you can lose at any moment.

There is some support that you can find while running, such as a shield to protect you for a while or a magnet to attract coins (like Subway Surfer). In particular, when you die, you can use blue gems to continue the journey. Next time, the number of gems you have to cross is doubled. They are very valuable in this game, you can use your money to buy them or watch ads.

Unlock new characters and upgrade features
The coins you collect will be used to unlock more of your favorite characters. The game has many different characters to choose from and is constantly adding updates. In the latest version, you can unlock the “king of speed” athlete Usain Bolt. Follow Usain Bolt, the gorilla will be very tough!

During the game, you collect coins and gems. They are used to update character attributes. Each character has certain characteristics that directly or indirectly affect the gameplay. In it, each feature has 5 levels, you can use coins or gems to upgrade. The higher the level, the greater your power.

What's new

A cool wind blows through the Lost Jungle, reddening leaves and riling up monsters!

- Join Freya, the Reinheimen Ranger, and tackle fresh Global Challenges!

- Shield your skull with new headgear – like the much traveled World Tour Hat – that carries unique perks!

Onwards, to autumnal adventure!



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