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Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK has a very similar gameplay to idle games like Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium or Idle Miner Tycoon.
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May 5, 2019
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Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK has a very similar gameplay to idle games like Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium or Idle Miner Tycoon. All you do in this game is just tap the screen a few times to let the character smash things, along with upgrading him to give him better strength and stamina.

Every time he uses his hands to destroy objects, he will receive a number of coins according to the amount of damage. In return, his health will decrease. If he has zero health, he can’t continue with his shoulder pain. We need a break to heal.

Below the health bar is the Critical Power bar. When a character breaks an object, the attack point increases. When that bar is full, the character enters a defeated state, indicating that his health does not decrease and his destructive power increases many times.

Many things to break
From the very first step, you start to break Tap Tap with smooth boards in training mode. The more wood you break and the more power you have, new items will be unlocked. It could be rocks, dragon balls, a rocky mountain, or even planets and suns! How far can you go with that human arm?

Upgrade your character
Tap Tap Breaking is a perfectly balanced game and players need to follow this balance if they want a better experience.

In the upgrade section, you see, characters have many attributes, including strength, health, and health recovery speed per second. When you break those things down they have a close relationship. Imagine, if you only renew the strength but forget about the speed of recovery of your health, your experience will be interrupted. The character can only launch a few attacks, after which he is seriously injured and takes time to heal. And if you upgrade the healing speed without upgrading the health, the character will soon fall into such a state.

Additionally, you should also consider Critical Power. By default, it will be x2 normal power. But after you upgrade this number can be x3, x4, and more.

There are three modes in Tap Tap Breaking. The option is the training mode that I mentioned in the gameplay. Although it is an endless ride, its difficulty level is not really equal to the Challenge mode. In that mode, there are many small stages. Each stage consists of only one type of object to break. After each round, the number will gradually increase and if you pass all 10 rounds, you will get the reward and move to the next round. Of course, instead of thin boards, hard objects will be opened and replaced. You need to prepare carefully because this mode is limited in time and you need to wait a minute to succeed.

Finally, the Gold Bar, this mod takes place while the character is in a Critical Power Time state. Try to hack quickly, because each time you hack brings a lot of bonuses.

Tap Tap Breaking has 2D graphics with bright colors. Although it is very simple, the color of the characters and emotional effects are carefully designed. In addition, you enjoy the fun background music, combined with the sound when the character tries to break the object with his hand.

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