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An endless run challenges you in Subway Surfers Mod APK. This is one of the most popular games from the publisher SYBO Games.
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Sep 15, 2022
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An endless run challenges you in Subway Surfers Mod APK. This is one of the most popular games from the publisher SYBO Games. An interesting, exciting story and a popular and simple game have attracted the attention and excitement of the players. In your quest to get out, some challenges will force you to overcome the obstacles on the roads. In addition, you can get the opportunity to own valuable assets such as gold jewelry, and keys.

You will experience many different lands and meet and interact with people there. With each location added there is a character system, and new skateboards will be added. In particular, your exciting adventure in Japan, especially Tokyo, is set with the latest updated version. Here, you have the opportunity to team up with 2 surfers to beat the challenge together.

The wonderful city of Tokyo will welcome you with Akira. He is the leader in this sport of surfing because of his toughness, consistency, and never backing down. You will have the experience of walking the streets of Tokyo as planned on the Sakura bulletin board. Not stopping there, Harumi, a fun-loving and amazing athlete, is the next character you meet. Your mission is to complete the quest to get the Meow skin.

The subway becomes your escape route because when you step into the world of Subway Surfers, you will be transformed into very naive youths for your age. In particular, every day, you sneak onto the train cars to paint graffiti on them. However, you are soon discovered by a railway inspector. From here, it officially begins between the inspector and his scary dog ​​and you.

The Subway Surf APK game is very familiar to fans of the endless-run genre. You can start the game by touching the touch screen. Then, the character will be as ready as possible for you. You control the character with each touch. Specifically, an up swipe represents your climb, and a down swipe means you slide inside the obstacle. Not only that, the road is not a straight line, so you have to run left and right to move and run continuously.

Along the way, there are always alternative obstacles that block your escape. Especially as you move through the inner rings to the higher levels, the numbers and dangers are updated. This makes players always want to stay until the last moment to be able to subdue as much as possible.

Some obstacles are as common as driving on rails. In this case, if there is a path on both sides, you can run left or right. Otherwise, you have to get on the train and keep running on it. Not only that but traffic light poles are also used to harass you. Obstacles in the middle of the road are not rare. Sometimes, players are also directed to dark dungeons to challenge their stamina and endurance.

Scattered rewards are waiting for you to win with a challenging system of obstacles. They are also special rescues that Subway Surfers has reserved for you. The most typical is the system of gold coins arranged in a long line. Not only that, keys, and shoes are useful assistants for you later, especially in dangerous times, they will save you a visible purpose. Or jet bags, magnets, and bouncers with unique features.

These things support each other in the journey of adventure to escape from the tracker and the dog. Once you have magnets, they will help you wash quickly and cleanly without losing a single coin. Apart from protecting your legs, it also has the ability to get you higher and more points. Don’t stop there, Subway Surfers allows starting the character to provide the ability to fire with the help of the Jumper booster.

The event that gives you the most rewards and items is the Daily Challenge and the Weekly Hunt. They will continue daily and weekly so that you can freely get items, upgrade your level and win this exciting competition as far as possible. In addition, you are provided with 18 different characters and 17 skis that you protect for 30 seconds, which are sold endlessly in the shop of the place you visit.

What's new

- The Subway Surfers World Tour goes green in colorful Mumbai
- Meet Alia and surf through vibrant streets on the new Aero Fish Board
- Team up with Mala, the spirited environmentalist, and drift through Mumbai on the lovely Maple Leaf Board
- Explore lush forests with Andy in his new Great Outdoors Outfit
- Complete the Play 2 Plant Challenge in New York to help plant trees in the Subway Forest and unlock the Leaf Board for free



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