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Experience the best of humanity in a place where you can meaningfully connect with others. In Sky, you can soar above the clouds, play instruments, or just relax and enjoy the beauty around you. There is no pressure. Just allow the experience to open up at your own pace. All are welcome, especially you!
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Oct 21, 2022
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0.19.1 (204815)
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Sky Children of Light APK is a game where players will spend their time trying to find a way to return the stars to where they belong. You will spend time traveling through different realms, exploring them, and understanding the stories behind these characters.

In the new updated version of Sky, players will also find interesting quests that you can carry out to recover an important road which is the desert road. Its use is completely understandable as it can connect the fields you are facing. At the same time, you will use your flying skills to fly in a cloudy environment, and there will be points where you can recognize that it is a path you have taken.

The story the player experiences in Sky takes place in a world where everyone enjoys the endless light of the stars in the sky. But this should not last long as darkness comes and causes the stars to leave their original positions. Fortunately, they have found a new home in the clouds and are waiting for the opportunity to return. It only happens when the child of destiny wakes up.

Each star wanted to go home to where they were, so they prayed for a character who could do it. He is the main character of the game, and his story begins after he is awakened by the stars. At the same time, his work is completely understandable, but it will take a long time for him to penetrate into the inner parts of the world and bring the lost souls to different places to gather in one place so that he can shine again. the sky

The players will appear in a place with many different portals in Sky, and sure enough, a door will suddenly open and lead to the first area. They will control the character with the joystick and make their journey. Also, you will definitely be impressed by the bright colors that this game can bring and the lighting elements that complete the legends. You will connect with what you encounter and not miss anything along the way.

The characters you meet along the way will sometimes give you their stories, and some will provide a valuable item, a winged light, that helps you fly. Also, the flying abilities of this character are limited by the level of the wing, and you will know how much of this light you need to collect to increase the energy limit. Besides, there will be other things that you will miss while trying this game.

After you get the wing inside the Sky, you will be able to find a temple, but you won’t be able to access it because you haven’t saved a soul. So your task is to go to different places and meet some ghosts. Their characteristic is that they have only one color in their soul and their body has become a rock. Your job is to help them return to their original form, and they will be able to fly back to the temple you see at the beginning of the game.

What makes this game so great are the stories you see when you bring these characters home. In particular, they will pass through many different areas, and there, sometimes, some murals will be prominent. So, it will take you some time to see and get close to the story of the game. You can also interact with these characters when they return to their original form, and they will help you achieve remarkable expressions through a progression system.

The result of allowing the spirits in the area to return to the temple is that you will reach the temple. At this point, you will go to the deepest part of the temple to find and interact with a statue. A mysterious being appeared, and from that moment, the stars gathered and returned to the sky to form a bright constellation.

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Greetings, Adventurers!

Welcome to the Season of AURORA! Experience Sky through music echoing from the past. Talk to Spirits gathered in Valley of Triumph to share in songs and memories revealing lessons from the kingdom’s history.

Love the unexpected? Days of Mischief returns, with new spells and items to celebrate with others!

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