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Aug 25, 2022
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SHAREit APK is a cloud storage alternative. And just ask those celebrities how well cloud storage works for them! It’s much safer, much easier, and costs you nothing. Whatever your file type is, as long as it’s on your Android device, you can decide to transfer it to another authorized device. So, in theory, you don’t need to own another device. If you want to give your friend a new game or show your boss the latest work you’ve done, all you have to do is transfer the data to another Android device.

The way it works is simple and very safe. Instead of actually using a generic WiFi connection over the air or some sort of Bluetooth setup, it will create its own direct wireless connection, good for up to five devices. Basically, this means that unless a specific device is programmed to use the network, it cannot log in or steal files. Unlike cloud storage, only designated devices can access the main terminal here. So it is much more secure than traditional sharing methods. It may not be the fastest way to share or transfer your files out there today, but it’s one of the most secure, and certainly one of the easiest to follow.

Let’s say you’ve had the same phone for a few years and now you’re getting a new upgrade or even a new tablet to complement your mobile computing. You can go ahead and manually download everything personal to you again, which can take a long time. Or, if you’re a little smarter than that, you can get a program like SHAREit for Android and transfer all your files with just a few clicks.

When you break it down, this program basically allows you to use an internet connection to transfer all files from one device to another. You won’t need special security clearance, and it won’t take all night. It’s basically like uploading all your files to a USB or external HDD, only they’re transferred to a new device via the internet.

As one can imagine, there are many practical applications for such a program. Photos, apps, music, passwords, large programs, games and everything else stored on your device can be transferred to a new device. This is great for backups, new purchases, or just making sure you have the programs you want on all your devices. As long as you are running the Android operating system, you can connect and transfer your devices with this program.

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- We upgraded SHAREit account system, log in now to set your unique ID!
- Now, we support sharing your favorites to Telegram~



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