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Fighting games have always been fun for many players around the world. Players can fight against tough opponents who show their skills and abilities today.
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Aug 19, 2020
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Fighting games have always been fun for many players around the world. Players can fight against tough opponents who show their skills and abilities today.

There are many things to focus on in order to win in war games, so they are fun. Among the many fighting games available, the Shadow Fight series is one of the most popular. Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK is back, and there’s tons of new content for you!

If you think you have what it takes to fight against strong opponents, then this game is for you. Although it is basically a Shadow Fight 2 game, this one has more features ahead of you.

Here, there is a new story chapter that you will enjoy playing and discovering today. In addition, there is no energy requirement here, so you can fight as much as you want every day! Fight against countless opponents while collecting powerful weapons and ammunition!

Fight to the death
Action games have always been popular among many types of games. We see tons of fighting games hitting the scene every year because we enjoy them. There are many fun fighting games to play right now that you can download, such as the Shadow Fight series.

This series encourages you to play against powerful opponents using combos and weapons. In Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition, you will enjoy the second part of the series with intensity!

Here, you can enjoy a huge arsenal of deadly weapons and ammunition to win battles. There is a new story part that you want here where you will fight against Titan and his friends.

Enjoy completing the story mode without grinding, because you don’t need to restore your energy here to fight. The game also allows you to enjoy traveling to 7 different provinces and force yourself to fight with Titan. Enjoy a game where you can make powerful matches. This game is unique because it is completely strategic! This means that you can enjoy brutal and complex battles, unlike other war games.

Abilities Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition
If you are in the mood for a fun fighting game, then Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition is the game for you.

Fight Against Shadows – You can enjoy many games today where you can fight to the best of your ability. There are tons of fun fighting games that will test your strength and stamina as you complete combos. One of the most interesting fighting games is Shadow Fight.

In Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition, you will enjoy a game where you can meet interesting and powerful opponents as part of the story. Enjoy the many combinations you can make and the weapons you can now get!

In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Download, you will be able to enjoy a new story chapter with many twists and interesting characters. Here, you can use deadly weapons like shuriken, fists, sai, steel blows, knives, ninja swords, machetes, daggers, bloodsports, moon knives, tonfas, staffs, krises, harrier hooks, steel nunchaku, swords, and more. get it.

You can fight against tough opponents here because you can also upgrade your weapons. Enjoy a unique fighting game where you will only fight with shadows.

Enjoyable Story Mode – In this game, you will enjoy Story Mode, which offers unique characters and stories. Here, you will be able to meet the Titan and fight against him personally. Show off your moves and make multiple combos against powerful enemies here.

You will enjoy the extra part added to this game, where you can discover new twists and characters. Now fight against everyone and save the world.

Many Weapons and Weapons – In this game, you can play with different fighting styles. You don’t need to focus here to complete the story, because you can enjoy getting all the weapons and ammo. There are many types of weapons here, from short, medium, and long-range!

Now use weapons like Shuang Gou, Swords, The Sting, Grim Scythe, Dissector of Hopes, Stilettos, Heavy Staff, Axes, Steel Claws, Devastator, Big Swords, Oriental Sabers, Yari, Sapphire Fang, Butterfly Swords, and many more.

No ads and energy – What makes this edition unique from the original game is that you can play endlessly. You don’t need to recharge your energy to fight every day. Then, you can also try the ad-free fighting game today. Enjoy a dynamic yet straightforward control scheme as well as graphics.

What's new

*Fixed stat reset for enchantments
*Some game freezes, lags and crashes are fixed


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