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Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod APK puts you in charge, leading a team of heroes, and only you can free this universe.
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Sep 12, 2020
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Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod APK ek action-packed game hai jo ek shadowy duniya mein khelta hai. Players ek shadow fighter ko control karte hain jo game ke levels ko cross karne ke liye alag-alag opponents ko harana hota hai. Is game mein impressive graphics, various combat moves, aur exciting boss battles shaamil hain.


Kuch features hain jo Shadow Battle 2.2 ko ek must-play game banate hain:

  1. Impressive Graphics

Shadow Battle 2.2 mein high-quality graphics hain jo shadowy duniya ko zinda kar deti hain. Game ke designers ne immersive environment banane ke liye bahut mehnat ki hai jo players ko game mein khinch leti hai.

  1. Wide Range of Combat Moves

Game mein alag-alag combat moves hain jinhe players apne opponents ko harane ke liye istemal kar sakte hain. Kicks, punches, special moves, aur combos se lekar Shadow Battle 2.2 endless possibilities for combat offer karta hai.

  1. Exciting Boss Battles

Jab players game mein progress karte hain, tab unhe challenging opponents ke saath exciting boss battles ka samna karna padta hai. Yeh battles strategic thinking aur skill ki zaroorat hoti hai.

  1. Customizable Characters

Players apne characters ko various weapons aur equipment se customize kar sakte hain, jisse game personal aur immersive ban jata hai.


Shadow Battle 2.2 ka gameplay seedha aur challenging hai. Players ko alag-alag levels se guzarna hota hai, jahan unhe opponents ko harana hota hai. Game mein intuitive controls hain jo combat moves aur special attacks ko execute karna aasaan banate hain.

  1. Story Mode

Story mode mein, players ek series of levels se progress karte hain, har level mein alag challenges aur opponents ke saath. Har opponent ko harane se players naye levels aur equipment unlock karte hain.

  1. Survival Mode

Survival mode mein, players ko ek endless stream of opponents se samna karna hota hai, har round mein difficulty badhti hai. Goal yeh hai ki players khud ko harane se pehle kitne opponents ko hara sakte hain.

  1. Tournament Mode

Tournament mode mein, players duniya bhar ke dusre players ke against battles compete karte hain. Har battle ke winner next round mein advance karta hai, ultimate goal tournament champion banne ka hota hai.

Tips for Success

Shadow Battle 2.2 mein success ke liye yeh kuch tips hain:

  1. Controls ko Master karo

Game ke controls ko samajhne ke liye thoda samay nikalo, kyunki unhe master karna combat mein advantage dega.

  1. Combat Moves ke saath Experiment karo

Alag-alag combat moves aur combos ko try karo aur dekho kaunsa move kis opponent ke against effective hai.

  1. Apne Equipment ko Upgrade karo

Game mein progress karte huye apne weapons aur equipment ko upgrade karna na bhulein. Yeh aapko tough opponents ko harane mein better chances dega.

  1. Practice se Perfect bano

Jitna jyada aap Shadow Battle 2.2 kheloge, utna hi behtar banoge. Apne combat skills par practice karo aur apne mistakes se seekho.


Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod APK ek excellent choice hai jo kisi ko bhi exciting action game chahte hain, high-quality graphics aur challenging gameplay ke saath. Apne wide range of combat moves, customizable characters, aur exciting boss battles ke saath, Shadow Battle 2.2 endless hours of entertainment offer karta hai. Toh ab aur kis baat ki intezaar hai? Apk download karo aur aaj se battle shuru karo!

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What's new

New features in 2.2:
- ★New EPIC heroes: Dragon Master and Project TX (2.2.27)
- ★New game mode: Scan & Hunt (2.2.27)
- Remove internet requirement
- 4th Star Boss battle: Unique mechanics
- Experience Fragments: Much faster and easier leveling
- Remove Hero Upgrade wait time
- CUBE rebalance
- Online multiplayer: The Arena
- New game mode: Arena 3v3
- Leaderboards
- Engine upgrade
- Improved control
- Completely new UI
- And more!



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