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Quick VPN APK is a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) service developed by Lipisoft.
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Dec 5, 2020
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Quick VPN APK is a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) service developed by Lipisoft. Through this app, you can mask your Internet Protocol (IP) address, encrypt your data, and bypass any restrictions that may exist in your country blocking, disabling services, and unavailable content.

QuickVPN is a promising alternative to traditional VPN services and tools like SurfShark, Express VPN, or NordVPN. However, it boasts ease of use and unlimited speed, unlike others that only offer maximum transfer speeds for limited periods. It also performs a periodic check of each server’s uptime.

Quick and private access
A feature that QuickVPN has over other VPN services is that it does not monitor or record your network data on its servers – offering complete digital privacy to its users. While VPN providers encrypt your data, some of them still retain network connection data in various capacities. This data, when accessed with malicious intent, can still provide clues about where particular traffic is coming from, and ultimately, your device.

As a VPN platform, this app redirects traffic from your device and encrypts it before it passes through a series of servers where your activities are ultimately untraceable. This allows you to work around any restrictions imposed by your government or Internet Service Provider (ISP) and resolve any foreign service issues you may otherwise have. An excellent example is watching Disney + from countries where it is not available.

However, app services come with risks. Because you are anonymous and routed through encrypted channels, you have access to almost any website. This means that you can download and access files even from malicious and unprotected websites, and your device will not have the standard protection that is normally available. For example, APK files may contain viruses or ransomware and you can download them directly to your device.

Use with caution
While QuickVPN is a faster, more private alternative to existing VPN providers, it still carries the same risk as the others. With the freedom to access many websites, you also remain vulnerable to suspicious and malicious sites on the Internet. Use it with caution and visit trusted sites, and you can enjoy this app’s speed and ease of use without worry.

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