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Do you like new horror games with unique elements? If so, Poppy Playtime will promise to bring new personalities and fun stories to create an impact.
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Aug 15, 2022
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Do you like new horror games with unique elements? If so, Poppy Playtime will promise to bring new personalities and fun stories to create an impact. You will be the one to take part in this scary adventure alone, and you will discover many secrets in the dark corner. The game provides you with a series of practical features to uncover those terrifying truths. Be a brave warrior who dares to face all challenges and meet the requirements of the game.

First, Poppy Playtime shows you the virtual openness and fun that the game brings. Players will also be amazed by the pictures and create unique features in this game. You will be an influential person in the toy company and will be looking to find stolen toys in the game. When you have hidden those things in the abandoned house, the bad guys stop as if they want to laugh at you and you have to come and find them.

These toys are the fruit of your activity, and you need to earn a new price. However, the problem arose from the abandoned house known for its mystery. No one dared to come and dig inside because dark rooms would appear, and no one would know what was in them. However, with skill and courage, you dare to get in there and see the wonderful things you have created.

Your challenge is to explore the dark rooms and collect as many toys as the company needs. This is a difficult task, but you can be sure of the enthusiastic support and companionship from Poppy Playtime. At the same time, players must prepare the necessary items to dare to enter that room. No one knows in advance whether you will come back from those trials or not, and you don’t know where your life will take you.

When you open the door to that room, you will suddenly see black shadows appear around you. If they don’t hurt you, you should avoid them and stay away. But if they intend to attack you, you must use weapons that destroy you. You can also use a super bright light and shine it on them to scare them away. You also need to find your favorite toys to complete the task using light.

Also, players need to upgrade and download the lamp because they are the treasure you need the most in Poppy Playtime. In addition, you can also quickly find the living areas of the room and find more basic information areas. Your goal in this game is to extract information and uncover important facts.

Players also have to fight demons in the game to earn their lives. If you are attacked, you must immediately alert the game to send people to the rescue. However, the game will also provide you with support features to prevent the most necessary cases. You will also enter a new room and start a series of other quests. The game will always follow you in all the action and help you create the safest connections for the players.

Excitement and drama are always included in Poppy Playtime to help you create objective views. Players are always amazed by the relevant stories as well as the challenges that the game presents. In addition, you can also see ghosts appearing in the game because the sound has a strong effect. In particular, after discovering the secret in this room, you will also be allowed to open another very interesting room.


  • Enter the mysterious rooms in the main building to get the big tasks that the game introduces and you need to solve completely.
  • You will encounter dark shadows throughout the house, and they are looking for ways to threaten you, use a normal light to destroy them.
  • Use additional weapons to destroy monsters and demons that seem to hinder your investigation.
  • Enter the middle room and get the secret information, as well as get the toys you are looking for.
  • Update your moves and shapes to create the signature of this exciting quest game.



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