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If you have always wanted to own a digital camera to take the most professional photos, then Open Camera is your chance to make your dream come true.
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Mark Harman
Jun 8, 2022
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If you have always wanted to own a digital camera to take the most professional photos, then Open Camera is your chance to make your dream come true. This is considered one of those apps that help take your photography to a new level. Besides allowing you to take sharp pictures, you can automatically balance the light. In addition, we also support users with slow-moving features. It promises to bring you unforgettable and meaningful moments.

With the latest version, 1.49 today, we support more interesting features. In particular, users can usually only get landscape screens when they are locked. However, with this release, the application has been continuously improved to allow you to have both a portrait and a landscape orientation. We also give you longer viewing times on some supported devices, don’t stop there. In addition, the NR, DRO, and HDR image modes are also significantly improved.

First of all, when it comes to Open Camera, it is impossible not to mention the presence of the ultimate automatic feature. The feature I want to mention is the automatic light balance. So you don’t have to worry when the image is too dark or too bright. We will rely on actual lighting to make appropriate adjustments. Not only do the colors of the clothes that enter the frame affect the details that enter the frame.

Apart from that, the application will provide the most basic features of a professional digital camera. It is especially the scene modes or even the display of clever color effects that are problematic. Each image will have its own primary colors with your logo printed on them to make it easier to see and interpret. As a result, Open Camera can help you browse the color palette and start the editing process as desired.

What’s better than traveling alone but always wanting to take memories of the sights there? In addition to traditional selfies, Open Camera allows users to control it remotely. The user will enter the timer mode for a few seconds. With that few minutes, you will be captured by the camera without having to use a physical effect. Or you can use your voice to count.

A good picture is not just colors and beautiful people and it is not enough. One factor that plays a key role in creating the perfect image is composition. By holding it, Open Camera lets you turn on mesh mode. When you turn on this feature, you will see squares and rectangles on the screen. If you are confused with this mode for the first time, we help you to create a suitable composition with specific instructions.

What's new

Support for Camera Extensions. Selected Android 12 devices now have photo modes such as Night, Bokeh, Beauty. Requires Settings/"Camera API" to be set to Camera2.

Allow accessing ultra-wide cameras via zoom e.g. on Pixel 5/6 when using Camera2 API.

Removed "use addresses" and "say cheese" options. Sorry about that, but this is due to new data privacy requirements.

Fixed HDR on Samsung devices since Android 12. Fixes for flash on Camera2 API. Various improvements for Android 12.


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