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ML Adventure is a combat-based game where players will build a team with five different characters and destroy the enemies in front of it.
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Oct 9, 2022
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ML Adventure is a combat-based game where players will build a team with five different characters and destroy the enemies in front of it. Each character has different roles, positions and powers to be placed in the appropriate order. Also, their power can increase over time to deal with stronger enemies, especially in PVP mode.

In Mobile Legends: Adventure, the story tells about the Land of Dawn being threatened by evil. The Land of Dawn was created by a high god who symbolizes creation and prosperity, but over time, evil rises. They want to take everything we have and burn everything they come with. So the Land of Dawn is facing inevitable destruction, and the only way to fight this is to gather heroes with powerful powers.

Players will control a team and participate in battles to protect the Land of Dawn, and these battles are entirely focused on the tactical element. In particular, players will create different strategies and use their potential from the characters they control. Victory is established only when all enemies are completely destroyed, and you will have the role of an observer and make some important decisions in the game.

As you prepare to officially go to battle in Mobile Legends: Adventure, you must build your team of characters. The game offers three levels and allows five characters to participate in the battle simultaneously. Also, each line can only contain a maximum of 2 characters, so you will be able to add as many characters as you want, and each line will usually be associated with a character type. For example, characters with defensive skills will usually be ranked first.

Enemy rank also affects character position selection in PVE games. You will know the characteristics of the formation of the enemy, and the weak characters should go to the last line. After the selection process is completed, you can start the level and turn on the automatic mode so that the battle happens automatically. At the same time, the character’s energy bar will be replenished during the attack, allowing you to use their unique abilities.

When a character is eligible to use a special skill, the player will see their portrait glow around them, and you can tap the portrait to activate the skill. Each character’s abilities will often be different, so you should learn clearly in the process of using the character’s power. Also, if you use automatic mode during the game, then, of course, the character will automatically use skills without following tactics.

When you experience a strategy game like Mobile Legends: Adventure, you have to upgrade strong teams with new characters. The strength of the enemy will change over time, so you need to find a way to fight them. Also, after summoning new characters, you need to increase their power by leveling up and getting the best equipment. It is useful with a turn-based combat game.

Once you are confident in your strength, you should not miss the tough PVP battles. The combat mechanics are still the same as in PVE, but some changes require players to notice. The strength of the enemy will be unpredictable, and of course, you can only set the formation with the attribute because the formation of the enemy cannot be seen. Also, PVP battles will often be more difficult than PVE.

What's new

1. Lowered the battle power threshold in the Tower of Babel from 25% to 20% of the recommended power.
2. You can now browse all chat channels and block them in the Chat Window.
3. You can now sell Aureate Rune Stones at 3,000 Expedition Tokens each when the Root Soul is maxed out.


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