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MangaToon APK is a free manga reader app for everyone. The favorite feature of the application is a large story store with thousands of stories of all kinds.
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Nov 12, 2022
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MangaToon APK is a free manga reader app for everyone. The favorite feature of the application is a large story store with thousands of stories of all kinds. In particular, you can read both text and comic books on the same application. Users can freely enjoy the world in the latest series or they can bring their stories from the author’s perspective to other readers.

In MangaToon, readers can read the manga as well as read manga. The works of two words and pictures are collected from all kinds of stories. Whether it’s BL, action, horror, romance, or detective, each series is detailed on the number of episodes with the same author. The description is also the first hint for the reader to think about the content of the story. Readers can access the author to see all their stories if they like that author.

The comics consist of sharp, standard HD graphics. Comics are always a special attraction of this story-reading application. Comics are selected from the best textbooks and redrawn under the pen of talented artists. If you are reading a story but have to leave the application, after returning, you can still continue reading thanks to the access history. Users can also add their favorite series to the comic book for easy browsing and leisure reading.

How would you feel if you were the author of a romance or horror story yourself? Isn’t this the cherished dream of many fans of the story? MangaToon lets you upload stories you’ve already written or start writing new ones. First of all, log in and create an account with your beautiful background. Then start the first chapters and upload them to the story page. Your interesting stories may bring fresh wind to the readers. Being a writer is not difficult!

Additionally, users can also interact with the author of the thread you are reading through the comment thread. Users can leave comments on any text paragraph by double-clicking on the paragraph. Or each chapter, you can leave a message to the author or share your thoughts and feelings with each chapter. Users can also vote for their favorite series that they feel deserve. The series that have a lot of likes and hearts will be shown more suggestions every day and join the list of hot stories.

This great collection of stories is updated every day. Therefore, the application guarantees to provide you with the best and latest series. Track the schedule of the story you are reading to quickly become the first reader. With a nice browser bar, you can perform many operations in the application efficiently, such as searching, turning to a new page, reading a new story, etc. All are optimized for the most convenience for users.

Instead of spending a lot of money to buy comic books abroad, MangaToon doesn’t force you to pay a fee to use them. Not only that, but the app also supports reading stories in multiple languages. You can read stories in many languages, such as English, Thai, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc. Or you can read the stories of foreign readers in your native language. Download stories so you can read them even when your phone doesn’t have an internet connection. Many features are integrated into one free reading application.

What's new

1. Launched voice-to-text feature. Now you can create stories without typing! Come and experience new writing tool of higher efficiency~
2. Added Contact List at Message Center. You can check the groups you've joined and your friends here~
3. Bugs have been fixed to improve user experience.


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