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Major Mayhem is a conflict between soldiers and an army of ninjas, and the player controls the main character to destroy the enemies that constantly appear.
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Apr 18, 2022
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Major Mayhem is a conflict between soldiers and an army of ninjas, and the player controls the main character to destroy the enemies that constantly appear. Ninjas can appear in any position, and you can choose the right attack to destroy them faster. At the same time, enemies with new shurikens appear that can deal significant damage to enemies, and the hero gets a lot of new powerful weapons.

In Major Mayhem, the player will find a soldier who goes to meet the leader and takes a mission to a place of ninjas. These are targets that the player must destroy, and in battles, there will be hostages that must be rescued. In addition, your enemies will appear suddenly in different numbers, so you will have to hide behind some environmental factors and respond to them when the time is right.

An interesting point when you experience this game is that the player will not need to change the character. When their enemy is finished in a level, the hero moves to the bottom location, and every position in the game has an element that protects him from enemy attack. The player can also see ninja shuriken flying toward the soldiers, and he must be aware of these attacks if he does not want to be defeated.

Once you have mastered the mechanics of Major Mayhem, you will begin your journey against your enemies and the best time to attack is to know the direction of the enemy’s attack. You have to dodge and appear to attack them correctly, and since the starting weapon is a pistol, sometimes you will need several rounds to kill the enemy. Moreover, these enemies can appear in different places, and you need to watch carefully.

Targets can appear on the slopes, and of course, they can easily attack. In addition, some people can appear in the house and only reveal their heads, so you need to target that part to destroy them immediately. It can be said that performing a head stage gives the player the advantage of destroying enemies faster. In addition, you will need to face new enemies as well.

The new enemies will be equipped with more powerful shuriken and have a different color than the original type. So, you will need to be careful when attacking because if you are not careful, you can lose your armor quickly and may fail in the game. In addition, the captured hostages also appear out of nowhere, and you will need to destroy the surrounding enemies in order for the hostages to escape. You can also see some supporting objects appear and try to tap them to pick them up.

In Major Mayhem, players will find different game modes, and of course, they will not be gamers. Players will join the classic level and gradually reach the requirements to unlock the next game modes. At the same time, the common point of these ways is that the requirements are the same when reaching a number of kills, and of course, the number of required kills will increase continuously and players need to survive for a long time.

In addition to the basic pistol, players can unlock weapons with considerable power. For example, you can unlock a rifle that allows you to hit more enemies because the rifle will shoot differently than the pistol. Fired bullets will split into many smaller beams, and enemies standing close to each other can be hit by this feature. So you can clear enemies in an area faster than before.

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