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In Machinarium, players will be pleased to choose a different perspective. You can play the machine to experience the most realistic view or use a combined 3rd person perspective.
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Feb 28, 2019
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Welcome to the new world of machines called Machinarium. This is an innovative adventure game based on the thrill and excitement of robots. The attraction of this game is that it is somewhat modern but has a bit of a classic to create uniqueness for the players. Classic app icons are included to create the perfect game and stop it. Try to play the game to discover more secrets inside and learn many interesting lessons.

In general, every machine is inanimate and something very ordinary. It is also only necessary for us and serves us in the process of repair or research. However, in Machinarium, the machine has started to look and feel like a human. Although it is an extraordinary thing, through the skilled hands of our programmers, inanimate machines become sentient machines just like us humans.

The special thing is that the machine that knows how to love is an event that we cannot wait for. However, their love doesn’t stop suddenly when her machine friend is taken away. How can you miss it? The machine overcomes all difficulties to find its girlfriend. Our mission is to assist and monitor the machine, directing it to where the machine friend is. Each challenge will start, and more and more, quickly take advantage of all the time to save your girlfriend as quickly as possible.

While our main character is a machine, this game revolves around different machines. The only thing is that the game is one of the games that won the highest development award. The game takes place in many different stages. With the help of distant radar, we need to determine our path. Each road ahead has to overcome many difficult challenges.

Everyone should prepare their mind. You have to burn yourself in the life of each machine to pass this trap. In Machinarium, each machine will perform a different and different task, and the most special one is to hide and complete it to pass an adventure. Because of our camouflage, we cannot reveal the traces of our every move.

In Machinarium, players will be pleased to choose a different perspective. You can play the machine to experience the most realistic view or use a combined 3rd person perspective. With the advantage of choosing a viewing angle, the game is easier for us to understand. With a wealth of innovative camouflage elements, the game allows us to choose according to our preferences or personal goals. This choice is entirely up to the operator to choose and apply.

There is a directional map that always seems to indicate where we have been and where we need to go. Marking helps shorten the distance and save time if returning. Along the way, there will be huge challenges that require many people to work together to make it. So use the add machines feature to get through that tough challenge as soon as possible. Gather quickly and show deep solidarity.

Each challenge given will have a certain difficulty level. Rely on your innate intelligence to quickly overcome challenges. The hardest challenge may be getting the bridge to gather on the other side. This requires us to carefully calculate the movements of the original machines in it. Return to the authorities to avoid disclosure and discovery.

Machinarium has moderate playtime. Complete the challenge quickly and move on to the next stage. Each stage has machines that destroy us. Let’s fight bravely and get out of there. The use of realistic and sharp graphics helps the machines express their emotions and personality. The sound creates great harmony.

With this, Machinarium gradually won the hearts of many players because of its unique idea combined with innovative gameplay. Classic features also create great points for players. Please choose this game immediately and do the internal challenges, very interesting and interesting.

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Added new classic app icons.
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