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The lens is a professional editor that combines with a dynamic camera system to enhance the experience of taking photos or photography.
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Nov 1, 2022
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The lens is a professional editor that combines with a dynamic camera system to enhance the experience of taking photos or photography. Most of its features and tools are also powered by AI, so the accuracy and flexibility of the user in many different processes are perfect. Many interesting potentials and features will gradually open up in the future for users to use everything fully, even if they are not professional photo editors.

The first function that Lensa wants to introduce to everyone is the advanced professionally built camera. It will automatically enhance the quality of the default camera on the device and apply multiple enhancements or automatic adjustment mechanisms for users to freely create many outstanding photos. Of course, its customization is also extensive so that users have the best experiences in taking photos, be it group photos, environments, selfies, and more.

In addition to the camera enhancement function, the built-in photo editor provides users with many conveniences and includes advanced tools for users to edit everything. Therefore, its editing capabilities are extensive and have a lot of potentials, even with extensive customizations for users. As they constantly look for each feature, their improvement or knowledge of image editing will also become more and more flexible.

Lensa’s retouching capabilities are all about updating the user’s portrait with new sophistication and elegance. First, it will suggest a lot of cool and innovative templates for users to apply to their portraits. Not only that, they can manually adjust the settings and find suitable styles or options to make portraits or selfies beautiful and deep.

Don’t stop at beautifying portraits, the user’s eyes will also be attractive thanks to professional AI. Many users often forget the potential beauty of human eyes, so the application will provide many editing suites for everyone to enjoy designing a pair of beautiful and vivid eyes. Not only can the pair of pupils be changed, but users can also change a few details around their eyes to make themselves look slimmer.

Lensa’s background tone removal is also improved and innovative for full AI support and even automates all processes for the user. Not only remove background tones, but users can also change them or add some unique effects to enhance the main content in any image. Of course, they can use pictures from the gallery to easily change the walls with convenient and direct operations.

Makeup is also unique content that the application wants to introduce to users, giving them more ideas to make themselves more beautiful and impressive than ever. Fortunately, the application also supports the multi-layer feature, which gives users the freedom to create countless styles or exquisite beauty. Every type of tool or item in the makeup process is also flexible and highly responsive for extensive customization by users.

The lens in the decoration is one of the most prominent editors and offers users many interesting searches for portrait retouching. Meanwhile, the background tone removal features are also convenient to give them more ideas to focus on them, the center, and the main content of the photos to focus on the beauty and attention of the viewer above.

What's new

Unlock a deeper level of creativity with all-new Lensa Art Style Settings. Turn up the dial on your images with Style Intensity options, add brushstrokes to define your vibe, Segment your pics and apply filters exactly where you want them, and Split your image to create an unbelievable creation. All that’s needed is you. Update Lensa and try them out now.


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