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Kingdom Rush APK is a tower-defense game where you will face legions of monsters that are always trying to attack your land.
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Oct 26, 2022
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Kingdom Rush APK is a tower-defense game where you will face legions of monsters that are always trying to attack your land. You will use towers to prevent their invasion and upgrade them to gain powerful destructive power. At the same time, heroes and support skills will save you in difficult times.

The interesting point in the new version of Kingdom Rush is the introduction of a Tenshi hero who takes the form of an old man, and of course, you can also find information related to him. Attack stats reach their maximum limit, and of course, there is one point to excite you: his strong form. In particular, when he hits multiple times, he becomes more muscular and attacks opponents more than his base form.

In Kingdom Rush, you will experience completely different levels of tower defense as you face waves of enemies that are constantly coming at you. You will try to defeat them with the towers you can build. So you won’t let the enemies down, and you’ll have a lot of HP. When enemies break defenses and their attack drains your health to zero, you lose; which requires you to keep an eye on the level at all times.

At the beginning of the game, you will see four towers with three attack towers and one defense tower. Tower Defense allows you to call in troops to attack and stop your enemies from reaching key locations. In addition, each attacking tower will usually have more damage and rate of fire than you would think because, in the time between two shots, the enemy can take advantage of it and evade your attack.

When you experience Kingdom Rush, you will definitely get a lot of support items that you definitely cannot ignore. The first factor that should be mentioned is that the heroes will support you, and each one has remarkable powers that you can use for your tactics. In addition, they are also controlled by you and help you to maintain some important roads to avoid enemy invasion. You also have support skills like Call Reinforcement and Rain of Fire.

With primitive powers, it will be difficult to face powerful enemies. So, once you complete a certain number of levels, the tower upgrade at level 3 will be unlocked, and you will be the one to choose which towers reach that level. Of course, it will require money in battle by taking out the enemies that appear. Therefore, you will need to understand the power of the tower, and the information about the enemy will be updated for you to increase the power effectively.

Each level has a difficulty level of Casual, Normal, or Veteran, and you will choose and try to get the maximum number of stars. The number of stars will become a resource when you upgrade passive skills, and they have special effects on the game and towers. So that is your motivation to complete the level in the best way.

What's new

Small bug fixes and improvements.
Updates Google Billing Library to version 5.0.



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