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It's dinner time as your hungry sharks prepare their meal. Explore the ocean and control your giant sharks to move around and eat everything on the way.
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Ubisoft Entertainment
Sep 12, 2022
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It’s dinner time as your hungry sharks prepare their meal. Explore the ocean and control your giant sharks to move around and eat everything on the way. Experience a strange yet familiar game as you join your beloved adventures. Collect new dogs and develop them into powerful animals. Find out more about this amazing arcade game from Ubisoft Entertainment with our reviews.

Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Mod APK features very simple and collectible gameplay, in which you will control your huge herds that roam the seabed. Eat everything in your way and try to stay alive as long as possible until his hunger level reaches the top. Collect enough food to evolve your monsters into new forms and gain new powers. Take your huts to the beach and share hell with the people.

Simple and intuitive controls
With a simple and intuitive control system, Hungry Shark introduces players to a simple gaming experience where players can easily control their sharks. Use the touch and tilt functions and allow your hungry herd to gather their food and also stay away from danger effectively. That being said, new players will find the game very easy to get started.

Open and collect dozens of cold cuts
In addition, when you engage in the addictive game, there will be dozens of different types of sharks for you to collect. Complete levels and missions to unlock epic bottles in your collection. And sometimes, you can get some strange animals that don’t look like sharks at all.

Discover a new world hidden under the sea
The game features a huge underwater world. Here, players will have chances to explore the exciting world in Hungry Shark Evolution. Touch the bottom of the ocean and discover a new side of the world. Go to many different places for good food.

Meet the strange creatures and eat them
On top of that, as you explore the vast ocean, there will be hundreds of different mysterious creatures that you can encounter. Be careful because some of them can be very strong and it is dangerous for your pets to get close to them. On the other hand, if you are lucky, you can find good food for your herd.

Raise and train your puppies as babies
And to make your sharks even more talented, you can choose to raise and train them while they are still young. This way, they will develop better affection for you, allowing them to be more aggressive and powerful in battles.

Collect and install awesome accessories on your carts
You can also increase the powers of your sharks by giving them awesome gear and accessories. Equip your tanks with epic weapons like laser beams or rockets and launch them at enemies. Safely protect your dogs from enemy attacks. You can even give your bottles a jetpack to help them fly to the surface of the earth, leading to urban upheaval.

Explore the ocean and collect sunken Bonus Items
The deep ocean floor still has many hidden secrets waiting for you to discover. After all, you can collect dozens of different Bonus Items that have been submerged under the ocean. Get them and unlock useful items to help you in your adventures.

Help your bottles to evolve and unlock new powers
As you progress in Hungry Shark Evolution, your sharks will have to deal with more and more powerful opponents as well as harsh environments where the prey is no longer so gentle. That’s why it’s important to collect enough resources to help your herds to develop and unlock their many hidden powers. Explore advanced options and dominate the ocean floor.

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