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Hills of Steel 2 APK is a tank physics action game with real-time battles. You will join your teammates in dramatic 3vs3 battles to compete for ranking in the leaderboard.
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Oct 6, 2022
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Hills of Steel 2 APK is a tank physics action game with real-time battles. You will join your teammates in dramatic 3vs3 battles to compete for ranking in the leaderboard. Players will enjoy a variety of game modes and combat environments. In addition, you will be able to customize your tank and install the necessary items and equipment to make it work more efficiently.

You will join your allies to battle the opposing team on treacherous and rugged terrain. The battles are very difficult, and you have to use your tank to follow the enemies and destroy them to get points. Levels are limited in time, so the battle will stop when time runs out. Therefore, at the end of each level, there are moments of a dramatic battle between the two sides.

The winning team is the one that kills more enemies and has a higher score than the other team. Therefore, players need to have smart battle tactics and perfect coordination between team members to be able to defeat all the enemies on the tough battlefield. If you defeat all the opposing tanks before the time runs out, you will get a high battle record and get a lot of points along with other interesting rewards.

The user will use the function keys to move forward, back is on the left side of the screen, and other special function keys such as aiming will be placed on the right side of the screen for the player to control easily. After you pass through many levels, your fighting and control skills will improve. In addition to this factor, players must combine several other essential factors such as terrain mastery, good support between teammates, and the ability to withstand tank damage.

Unique battle tanks
Tanks are the main combat vehicle in Hills of Steel 2, and there are many different models for players to choose from. Each type of tank will be equipped with its own combat weapon and provide some special abilities. The default tank that the system initially gives the player is the Joker, and this vehicle only uses normal fire. Because this type of ammunition is very light, the bullet’s flight speed will be faster than other tanks.

Also, the Stinger tank is a tank that has an advanced missile system and can fire a line of 6 missiles and cause great damage to the enemy. Another type of tank model is the Gatlin, it is equipped with an excellent weapon and the rate of fire is faster than the previous two tanks, and the damage is much more significant. However, to get this kind of tank, you have to spend a lot of money and time to be able to own it.

To ensure the power of the tanks, you need to upgrade them and install more powerful components. It also increases their damage and combat ability to easily knock down enemy tanks. The tank model will be updated with cards, so you need to play well to collect a lot of experience points and bring a lot of cards. For equipment, you should add more ammo and weapons to them.

Hills of Steel 2 organizes many events for players to participate in, such as Rare Duel, and Domination, and each event has exciting prizes for the winning team. In addition, the game also has many activities, such as logging in daily to receive rewards and complete assigned tasks.

What's new

New tank: Battery! Recharge your team's specials and provide support fire from a long range. New emoji set: Rat. We also added a bunch of fixes and improvements to make shooting tanks even more smooth than before!



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