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Heroes Strike Offline APK combines two of the most popular modern game modes, Battle Royale and MOBA, and brings them to your mobile phone for free.
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Aug 2, 2021
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Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK is a mobile game that was developed by WolfFun. The game is a fast-paced, action-packed 3v3 multiplayer game that allows players to select from a variety of heroes, each with their own unique abilities and attributes. Players then battle against each other in an arena-style environment with the goal of destroying the enemy team’s base.

How to Play Heroes Strike Offline

To start playing Heroes Strike Offline, players must first download the game from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once the game is downloaded, players can choose to play as a guest or sign in with their Google or Facebook account. After signing in, players will be taken to the main menu where they can choose to play a quick match, a ranked match, or a custom match.

In a quick match, players are automatically matched with other players of similar skill level. Ranked matches are similar to quick matches, but players earn and lose ranking points based on their performance in the match. In custom matches, players can create their own game with specific rules and invite their friends to join.


The gameplay in Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK is simple but challenging. Players control a hero and must navigate the arena, defeat enemy heroes, and destroy the enemy base. Each hero has a set of unique abilities that can be used to gain an advantage over the enemy team. Players can upgrade their hero’s abilities by collecting coins and gems, which are earned by playing matches and completing daily quests.

The game features a variety of heroes to choose from, each with its own unique playstyle. Some heroes are better suited for dealing with damage, while others are better at tanking or supporting their team. It is important to choose a hero that fits your playstyle and complements your team’s composition.


Heroes Strike Offline offers a number of features that make the game more engaging and enjoyable for players. These features include:


Heroes can be customized with a variety of skins that change their appearance. Some skins can be earned by completing quests, while others must be purchased with real money.

Daily Quests

Players can complete daily quests to earn coins and gems. These quests are usually simple tasks such as winning a certain number of matches or dealing a certain amount of damage.


The game occasionally hosts tournaments where players can compete against each other for prizes.

Tips for Success

Here are some tips for success in Heroes Strike Offline:

Choose a Hero That Fits Your Playstyle

As mentioned earlier, each hero has their own unique playstyle. Choose a hero that fits your preferred playstyle and complements your team’s composition.

Upgrade Your Hero’s Abilities

Collect coins and gems to upgrade your hero’s abilities. Upgraded abilities can give you an edge in battle and help you secure victories.

Communicate With Your Team

Communication is key in Heroes Strike Offline. Use the in-game chat to communicate with your team and coordinate your strategies.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any game, practice makes perfect. Keep playing matches and experimenting with different heroes to improve your skills.


Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK is a fun and challenging mobile game that is perfect for anyone who loves action and strategy games. With its fast-paced gameplay and unique heroes, it offers a gaming experience that is both addictive and enjoyable. By following the tips for success and utilizing the game’s features, players can improve their skills and climb the rankings.

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