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Helmet Heroes APK is presented in the form of a platform game where players can choose from several character classes, such as Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Cowboy, etc.
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Jun 11, 2018
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Start a unique adventure where you can gather more players and explore the beautiful lands deep underground together. Discover what is hosted in ancient castles, and mysterious forests as well as ancient tombs and caves in the Helmet Heroes MMORPG game. Helmet Heroes is an amazing MMOROG with an artistic adventure in which you will be able to explore a vast world with many enemies and many dangers. You won’t get bored playing every level of this addictive masterpiece by Helmet Games.

This game opens exciting adventures where you can explore many friends and players from all over the world. Here, you will not only discover the secrets of the beautiful land but also face many unexpected dangers. You will face more than 40 powerful armies that are ready and willing to engage in endless battles. However, you can choose to fight alone as a lone knight or create a team of heroes to complete the many challenges in Helmet Heroes with the help of your friends.

Helmet Heroes APK is presented in the form of a platform game where players can choose from several character classes, such as Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Cowboy, etc. In addition, they can customize the game with more than 600 game elements. . This game also includes dozens of monsters, a PvP battle game mode, and various missions.

Notably, this game comes with minimalist graphics in a 2D format where you travel around vast and strange worlds full of dangers. In addition, you can also find and collect weapons that will help you defeat enemies. There are also all kinds of treasures. To earn money and get rich in the game, you will need to kill enemies and conquer their dungeons.

Start the game by choosing a character class that will ultimately determine your abilities, including warrior, mage, archer, and cowboy. Then, you will face every challenge using your character’s unique character and abilities. In addition to having electrifying moments throughout the game, you are also connected to many players around the world.

Interesting Gameplay – this game provides a challenging and competitive game where you can play with players from all over the world. In PVP mode, you can create a guild on Helmet Heroes to connect and chat with everyone. In addition to offering interesting gameplay, this game is a platform where you can meet, make friends, and learn more. Additionally, the buddy system allows you to interact and trade with other players.

On the screen, the game interface has joystick buttons that make playing on mobile devices easy and fun. You can also combine multiple moves to create unique fighting skills against the enemy. With Helmet Heroes, you can participate in the game with various activities. Here, you will not only kill monsters and take up arms against other players in the live battle arena. You can also expand new fields, build houses, and do many other interesting activities.

Build Your Own Weapons and Items – In this game, the player can collect various resources that are used to make weapons and other useful items. It should be noted that it is not easy and it will take time to collect, and assemble the material to make finished products. There are over 600 items you can create to customize your character, including weapons, armor, helmets, shields, and more. With these weapons, you can use a variety of firearms, swords, bows, sticks, etc. take down enemies, if you have enough, you can pick up items faster by visiting the stores that appear in the game.

Different Characters – like other action games, this game allows you to choose the character you want to use in the gameplay. The game offers four characters. He is a Wizard, Warrior, Cowboy, and Archer. The most interesting thing is that each character has their own abilities, with more than 30 special abilities that can be explored. Each character also comes with their own special weapons. For example, warriors use strength while archers have the ability to aim at great distances. In addition, the witch uses magical powers while the cowboy uses guns to eliminate all enemies.

Lots of Mini-Games – if you get bored of completing all the challenges of the regular situations, you can keep your fun by participating in filling the trees or fishing mini-games. Playing mini-games will give you relief after the intense combat action. It also helps you collect more resources that are valuable and useful throughout the game. Fishing mini-games allow you to collect unlimited resources with 40 types of fish. On the other hand, Wood Filling games will help you expand and grow your kingdom as you also collect new weapons.

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