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Hay Day is a game where players will harvest a field and make it more beautiful and modern than before. You will access the basic operations and start growing the farm to earn more money in the game.
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Oct 7, 2022
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Hay Day is a game where players will harvest a field and make it more beautiful and modern than before. You will access the basic operations and start growing the farm to earn more money in the game. Also, the elements you add will have different effects and have a positive effect on the crop. So you will always try to find new things to diversify what you already have.

In the new version of Hay Day, you won’t be able to ignore the newly added unique features because of the fun it brings. In particular, you will open a new clay element with the same mechanism as the plants you have already planted. You will wait for the establishment of this resource, and you will collect it for various activities. In particular, clay is an important material for creating certain objects in the pottery studio, a new structure that you will build if you reach the required level.

Once you have clay and other materials, you will create items with different characteristics, such as flower pots, teapots, and other items. Also, the spin wheel has been redesigned, and new decorative items have appeared in your collection. Two new animals you can find in this game are a cheetah and a cute guinea pig. In fact, when you hear this update, you will not be able to ignore the above factors.

The journey you take on the farm in Hay Day begins with receiving a letter from the hero’s uncle. The uncle will retire and transfer the right to receive the farm to the character in the letter notice. From there, you will go there to start rebuilding your farm and develop it to be more beautiful and modern. You will find some important buildings such as warehouses, cages, and some other items. One of them showed signs of deterioration.

At the beginning of the game, when you repair and repaint them, you will breathe new life into these houses to give them a more attractive look. At the same time, you also know all the mechanisms related to planting, harvesting, and building some new buildings to develop your farm. Every crop you grow and animals you raise require time to harvest, grow and produce crops.

Once you reach a higher level in Hay Day, you will be able to start producing and earning. In particular, you will create a machine that will produce food for the animals you raise and allow them to grow and produce the necessary products. You can also continue to grow and expand your farm as you unlock new farms. Agricultural products will become raw materials to help you create high-quality products.

It will help if you reach a new level in the game because you will unlock new items and end products with incredible value. There will be visitors who will appear at your farm and ask to buy some things. If you have enough products, you will be able to sell them to get more gold coins. The table you can see on the farm will gradually fill up with requests for agricultural trade. So you will be able to earn a lot of money over time.

What's new

Hay Day is bringing the EGGcitement back to the farms with coconuts.. and walruses!

• New Sanctuary Animals: Two new Walruses + two new unique decorations!
• New birds: Sulphur-Crested & Rose-breasted Cockatoos + new special bird, the Toco Toucan!
• New production building: The Stew Pot + two new products!
• Introducing a new fruit tree: The legendary Coconut Tree + three new products!
• In addition we also have plenty of new decorations and Maggie Halloween pieces!



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