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Grimvalor will definitely not let you down in terms of both graphics and gameplay. If you are a true gamer, fond of top-notch action games, then this is an option not to be missed.
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Nov 3, 2022
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Grimvalor will definitely not let you down in terms of both graphics and gameplay. If you are a true gamer, fond of top-notch action games, then this is an option not to be missed. Grab your precious sword, kill all the enemies on your way and destroy the brutal Valor King. More than 1 million downloads in just a short time of release, which is a perfect confirmation of the excellent quality of the game.

Grimvalor is not only an excellent game in terms of content, but it is also taken care of by the publisher of the game, as is evident from the constant updates in new versions. Version 1.2.1 continues to bring players unique game modes, new maps, and more interesting challenges. Arachnophobia mode puts the player in a spider cave filled with 8-leg creatures. In addition, some new languages ​​have been updated, such as Italiano, Deutsch, Français, and Português, which shows the dominance of the game in the global market.

The game takes place in a dark landscape of caves, tunnels, and cities buried underground, combined with wild sound effects, making players unable to take their eyes off the screen. The image of the character’s skill is above; with any magical sword, the skills are fine. Dark monsters are not rare when they have a very monstrous and terrifying appearance. All of them push the drama of the game to the maximum.

Your journey in Grimvalor will be very lonely when you have to fight against them all alone. You will go through different maps with different opponents, and the difficulty increases gradually. In each map, you will take turns defeating hordes of monsters to meet the final boss in each map. These last bosses have incredible power and special abilities, so you need to maintain maximum health in the process of killing the brats to increase your ability to win when you face the bosses.

Use the left arrow keys to move forward, backward, and scroll up, and down. The buttons on the right will be special attack skills. The stronger the skill, the longer the cooldown, including a devastating skill that has enormous power, but also takes time to build up enough rage. Skilled players who can skillfully combine skills and switch buttons to create new moves.

There are many different characters in Grimvalor, and they have completely different abilities, be they melee or ranged attacks. The more expensive the character, the higher the damage and resistance. However, if you don’t have enough money, you can also upgrade any old character’s stats to pass the instant missions properly.

Searches will bring you great bonuses. They help you unlock new characters as well as upgrade them. Be sure to focus on earning money to upgrade or buy new characters, and it will help you pass the difficult levels quickly later. In addition, you can also watch ads or use real money to transfer to get more virtual money from the game.

What's new

• Adds a New Game+ mode with more challenge, new equipment and a reimagined world.
• Adds translations for seven new languages: Français, Deutsch, Italiano, 日本語, Português, Русский and Español
• Adds Arachnophobia Mode, which replaces spider-like enemies with an alternative design.
• Improves loading times between levels.



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