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Getting Over It APK is the most popular rock climbing game ever developed. After its release, the game was a huge success and was requested by many people.
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Oct 6, 2020
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Getting Over It APK is the most popular rock climbing game ever developed. After its release, the game was a huge success and was requested by many people. In the game, you turn into a man named Diogenes who is stuck on a high mountain thousands of meters above the ground. He is trapped there, and his friends are none other than Yosemite’s boiler and hammer. They are important things for him to reach the high mountains. Although the framework of the game is somewhat dangerous, it does not forget to bring humorous situations to the players. This is an open-ended game, so let’s join now to discover the brutality of that rock.

Big and high rocks were lined up and blocked his way. However, in order for the other side to win, Diogenes is forced to do whatever it takes to get those stones. At the beginning of the game, the player will think if he can pass this level to return to the universe. Of course, two powerful assistants, the Yosemite cauldron and hammer will be the saviors to conquer this mountain. In Get Over it, Diogenes always wants to conquer the highest mountains to discover its secrets and collect more rewards. However, perhaps, things are not as simple as the players think. It will take a long time to achieve this goal and will eventually lead to burnout. As you can see, Diogenes is made to look topless and locked in a black box. So it was even more difficult for him to flow and climb the mountains. However, the more stones he gets, the more rewards he gets.

In Get Over It, the player must constantly control the hammer and use the cup to cling to the rocks or enter the corner of the tree to climb the cliff. The players will feel the perfect situation of being locked in a hole and only the upper body coming out. On the treacherous mountains, he must overcome the trials of death. If unfortunately, you don’t catch the rocks, you will fall back down the mountain. Your upload process should also start over. The best part is that he is stuck between two rocks for a few days. So the player needs to have smart skills and climb the mountain quickly. The movements as he twists and turns to climb in front of the next rock in frustration and disappointment make you laugh at him. However, players have to focus a lot on the game in order not to make mistakes, and it will take a long time to beat them again.

The rocks in Getting Over it are arranged in an incredible manner with elements scattered in the middle of the path, making the challenge increasingly difficult to overcome. However, all your efforts are rewarded with sweetness and completing the challenge. How are you going to do it with the Yosemite hammer? Use it to break and cause the rock to fall. Because of the danger, players must use slow but steady tactics and, in dangerous situations, pay as much attention as possible. Just one sigh from you can ruin the whole game. Advice to players, when you fail often, don’t get discouraged and develop new smart tactics. If you return to the base level, all your current progress will be lost. For the next challenge, you will see a character from the game Sexy hiking. Mystical rewards await successful mountaineers and world championships.

In addition to the exciting game with big stones, the players also experience the exciting background music. In the game, the sound stages make you excited and excited in every game. In particular, sarcastic remarks look great if you accidentally fall down a mountain slope. However, if you don’t like it, you can turn it off when you don’t want to listen. The live sound is consistently very realistic. In addition, the connection here is also made with soft and gentle color tones. Finally, the game offers fun gameplay that makes the player even more excited.

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