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Farming Simulator 18 APK allows players to manage and take care of their farm, which you will find it more addicting than other games or role-playing games.
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Mar 17, 2019
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Farming Simulator 18 APK allows players to manage and take care of their farm, which you will find it more addicting than other games or role-playing games. Even though there is no screen paradise and dock action, the simulator game still brings the same addictive substance as the best terrorist blockbuster.

Perhaps it is because of the lightness, simplicity, and color that make these products feel so welcome to the players. It gives us an opportunity to explore real-life tasks, which every player should experience at least once. FS 18 Mod APK is one of them. It is a place for players to farm and takes care of good crops. Farmers here are not in the style of developed countries but in the style of Western countries with the most advanced and useful technology.

At first glance, you may find it silly. But we guarantee that when you get to Farming Simulator 18, you will see that this is the most popular Mobile Game title today.

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The Farming Simulator series, now famous everywhere, has a somewhat strange way of releasing its episodes. Every year; it alternates between your home console and mobile devices.

They release Farming Simulator 15 and Farming Simulator 17 on home consoles with all the special benefits that can be derived from them, 16, and the latest 18 games for mobile, mobile, 3DS, and PlayStation Vita. We don’t know the reasons for this choice, but the main problem is that the mobile versions are always lower in total than the home versions.

If Farming Simulator 17 offered a complete and exciting experience, the new part is too simple and takes a practical step back in every aspect. Let’s analyze the situation together.

To start the game, you need to complete the important task in Farming Simulator 18. It is to take care of crops and cattle and create a form of business development for your farm. It will break down each of these goals into basic tasks like planting, harvesting, and selling. They cover the entire process of bringing farm produce to consumers in the most authentic manner.

Your goal in FS 18 APK is to succeed with a small family farm and turn it into a giant of corn and bacon (or any other product offered by the game). It begins with a modest farm and an adequate supply of labor represented by two agricultural machines.

For example, there is a tractor that connects trailers and farm implements for harvesting and sowing and a small but willing machine​​​​​​ for harvesting crops. The game is enough to fulfill your duties as a good farmer, but there is very little to aspire to the heights of techno-farming.

So, our business plan comes into play: plant, harvest, sell, profit and invest. By setting the controls we can start working in the fields by selecting the agricultural vehicle that interests us and piloting it.

Here, we will have to pilot slowly to try to do a good job in the shortest possible time. The game is a little rough with the initial information, and the tutorial is lacking. Therefore, it is better to start with a trial game so that you can gallop hard before going into the fields. Fortunately, the different difficulty levels available meet those who have never had to deal with the Farming Simulator series before. Therefore, a reasonable approach is appropriate.

However, the cultivation of fields and the collection of fruits are only a small part of the activities that we will face in Farming Simulator 18. The village offers many possibilities, such as wood harvesting or different farming (sheep, cattle and pigs). Whatever your inclination, you’ll need to plan well to branch out into that particular farming (or livestock) area by dedicating specific land (perhaps outright purchase) and purchasing equipment.

With each job, there will be different technologies or vehicles that players must learn to control. As a simulation game, it is difficult to use these vehicles. Therefore, the game requires patience and care to feel the value inside. First of all, these farming vehicles are real-life prototypes, which gives Farming Simulator 18 the most realistic feeling.

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