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Set World of Earn to Die 2 Unlocked shows a vivid picture of a man trapped in a desert of sun, wind, and zombies. Your task in this game is to reach the evacuation point in an old car.
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Mar 3, 2022
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Earn to Die 2 Mod APK is an action-packed racing and survival game, developed and published by Not Doppler. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it has received millions of downloads worldwide. The objective of the game is to drive your car through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, filled with zombies, obstacles, and challenges. You need to upgrade your car and weapons to survive and reach the evacuation point.

Features of Earn to Die 2

The game offers a range of exciting features, which include:

Multiple Levels and Locations

Earn to Die 2 offers ten different levels, each with unique locations and challenges. You will start with a basic car, and as you progress through the levels, you can upgrade your vehicle with better engines, tires, and weapons.

Upgradable Vehicles

The game offers a range of upgradable vehicles, including cars, trucks, and even a school bus. Each vehicle has its strengths and weaknesses, and you can upgrade them with armor, boosters, and weapons to make them more powerful.

Zombie Horde

The game features a massive horde of zombies, which you need to dodge or kill using your weapons. The zombies can slow you down, damage your car, and even flip it over, so you need to be careful and strategic in your approach.

Intense Gameplay

The game offers fast-paced and action-packed gameplay, where you need to navigate through obstacles, jump over ramps, and crush zombies to reach the end of the level. The game also features a fuel system, where you need to refill your tank to keep moving forward.

Stunning Graphics and Sound Effects

The game offers stunning graphics and sound effects, which create a realistic post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The game also features an original soundtrack, which adds to the overall immersive experience.

How to Play Earn to Die 2 apk

To play Earn to Die 2 apk, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the Game

First, download and install the Earn to Die 2 apk from a reliable source.

Step 2: Select Your Vehicle

Next, select your vehicle from the available options. You can choose from a range of cars, trucks, and even a school bus.

Step 3: Upgrade Your Vehicle

Upgrade your vehicle with better engines, tires, and weapons to make it more powerful and resilient.

Step 4: Start Driving

Start driving through the levels, killing zombies, and avoiding obstacles. Use your weapons and boosters to overcome challenges and reach the end of the level.

Step 5: Refill Your Fuel

Refill your fuel tank to keep moving forward. You can find fuel canisters along the way or purchase them from the in-game store.

Step 6: Reach the Evacuation Point

Your ultimate goal is to reach the evacuation point, where you can escape the wasteland and survive.

Tips and Strategies to Play and Win Earn to Die 2 Mod APK

To play and win Earn to Die 2, follow these tips and strategies:

Upgrade Your Vehicle Wisely

Upgrade your vehicle wisely, focusing on the areas that matter the most. For example, if you’re facing more obstacles, invest in better tires and armor.

Save Your Money

Save your money for the upgrades that matter the most. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary upgrades or cosmetic items.

Aim for the Head

When dealing with zombies, aim for the head to kill them faster and conserve your ammo.

Use Your Boosters Wisely

Use your boosters wisely, especially when jumping over ramps or facing challenging obstacles. Don’t waste them on flat terrain.

Look for Shortcuts

Look for shortcuts and alternative routes, especially when facing tough challenges or traffic jams.

Refill Your Fuel Strategically

Refill your fuel strategically, when you have enough money to do so and when you’re not in the middle of a challenging section.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice your driving skills and master the game mechanics by replaying levels and experimenting with different strategies.


Earn to Die 2 Mod APK is an exciting and challenging game that offers endless hours of fun and entertainment. With its stunning graphics, intense gameplay, and immersive sound effects, the game is a must-play for all racing and survival game fans. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can improve your chances of winning and surviving in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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