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Dead Ahead APK is a very famous and successful game in the gaming market from the publisher Mobirate.
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Oct 12, 2022
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Dead Ahead APK is a very famous and successful game in the gaming market from the publisher Mobirate. The zombie theme is always ideal for many blockbuster movies or popular multiplayer games, and this game is no exception. When you come to the game, you won’t be a stranger to its gameplay because it’s just like other zombie-killing games. But not only that, there will be many interesting things that the game is waiting for you to discover.

Instead of as before, you will only have to control one or two characters to fight against zombies; with Dead Ahead, you have to control an entire army to create the perfect battle formation. This also means that the difficulty of the game will increase because it is very difficult to manage such a large army at once. But don’t worry too much because the game will guide you step by step from easy to hard so that you can easily get used to the game. Your only job is to create a great team with the perfect combination of power and good strategy.

Building a good team isn’t too complicated because the game will provide you with 3 basic types of troops: melee troops, short-range shooters, and long-range gunners. Since each type of soldier will have different skills and power, you can choose the right one for your group. If you have a good strategy, you can combine these types of troops at will without worrying about separation. Always take the time to learn about the soldiers in your team to know each of their pros and cons.

One thing you need to know is that what stands in front of you are scary and dangerous zombies, not the brainless creatures you think. Be careful because they don’t have brains, but in return, they have the ability to run very fast and are very sensitive, so they can rush and attack you at any moment. Your mission is to protect your life and that of your friends, so be careful in all situations.

After each level, both the number of soldiers in the team and the strength of each person will increase. But don’t despair because the zombies will be like your team and will become stronger and stronger both in strength and in numbers. That’s right, every time a soldier in your team dies in battle, another zombie will spawn. There will be more and more of them, and besides, there will be many other skills.

Different soldiers will use different ways to use their abilities, as some will use sticks and others will mainly use weapons. However, it will be a bit inconvenient to shoot zombies for snipers as it will take a long time. Even though they move slowly, in return, the damage of each shot fired is very high, so it will kill the zombie in no time.

In addition to the number of health and gold displayed at the top of the two corners of the game, there is also another stat called bravery stat. This stat will measure whether or not your team can pressure the pitchers. This stat will be filled when your team defeats the zombies and kills them before they knock you down. And now your team will win this round.

Dead Ahead will be a perfect choice for those who love the zombie fighting genre but want to try a completely new game. You will also be surprised that the graphics in the game are fun, with characters designed in a cute chibi style. The sound effects are also very vivid which will keep you hooked to the game.

What's new

New unit skins
Some Special Abilities have been added and upgraded
Some Team Powers have been added and upgraded
Several bugs fixed



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