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Darkness Rises is developed by the famous publisher NEXON Company, whose name is associated with many generations of gamers because of the way their games are designed.
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Aug 5, 2022
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Darkness Rises is a classic RPG game. We will transform into devil warriors, then go into the scary dungeons to destroy the scary demons that come from the darkness, with the ultimate weapons and skills.

Darkness Rises is developed by the famous publisher NEXON Company, whose name is associated with many generations of gamers because of the way their games are designed. Once again, they created Darkness Rises, which made the player have a very satisfying experience, with unique graphics, cutting effects, and dramatic action. Then, there are monsters with unlimited powers waiting for the player to subdue if you don’t want to jump into the game, pick up your demon weapons and go hunting with the warriors.

When we enter the game we will be legendary warriors with famous names like Berserker. We will need to protect our kingdom because the dark forces that are all over the region are bringing an army of demons and invading the peaceful land of the people. They were so aggressive, ready to break down the walls, and the doors were built tight to get through. Start killing, destroying, and looting everything. Let the legendary warriors once again bring peace to their kingdom.

Darkness rises in hack and slash style, where legendary warriors are free to wield their devil sword, then start unleashing the most powerful slashes to destroy the devil army in their devil style.
The single-player RPG mode is a mode that allows players who want to play alone, who don’t want to rely on anyone to go through the gates with hordes of demons on their own, and it’s a one-man-versus-an-army-of-demons kind of thing. . The publisher designed this game so that users can create their own gaming experience without having to play with anyone.

Darkness Rises has challenging levels; with dungeons, the publisher designed monsters from weak to strong, sometimes not enough to satisfy the player; at the same time creating more dungeons with monsters that are hard to tell the world is unique. Players need to play with their skill, devil slayer warrior skills to be able to defeat these challenging levels of chop and swallow.

Darkness is based on grading graphics on a ten-point scale; I think it’s a 9/10. The publisher really did a great job with the graphic design, with combatants wearing powerful armor and very sharp and subtle details. Not only that, the shape of the monsters, I find that it makes the players feel amazing at the first glance with the hidden power inside it. The visuals in the game are also significantly refined by the team of game designers, with equally mysterious ancient architecture, which once again brings the player back to an ancient world full of nostalgia.

Darkness Rises was released by Nexon, which allows users to play and download for free on the Google Play platform, aiming to attract more players to know about their products. They also added a number of upgrade packs so that users can purchase better items, making it easier for players to get through difficult doors.

What's new

Darkness Rises is celebrating its 4-Year Anniversary Update!
- A second Demonic Raid has been added
- Adventure content has been updated
- The gear development system and guide have been updated
- New gear sets have been added
- Awakening Levels and Awakened Transfer Levels have been expanded
- A variety of new events will be held in celebration of the 4-Year Anniversary



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