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Contra Returns APK is a 2D shooter where the player controls a soldier who travels through dangerous environments and destroys dangerous enemies.
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Jul 21, 2022
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Contra Returns APK is a 2D shooter where the player controls a soldier who travels through dangerous environments and destroys dangerous enemies. They will receive modern weapons and use their skills against the enemy. Also, over time, you will unlock powerful weapons and upgrade their power; you will want to collect more new characters.

If you have played Contra since your childhood, you definitely won’t be able to ignore the return of Contra with a similar game where you can relive your fond memories. You will control the soldier to face many different opponents with your weapon and complete the mission at each level. At the same time, the player’s powers and weapons will become stronger over time, and you also have easy access to the control mechanism of this game.

The graphics of the game are awesome and bring tough battles with many different enemies. With different movement and attack buttons, you will control the character and move in a 2D environment. Also, depending on the characteristics of the enemies you see, you can also press the button to aim and perform related attacks. Therefore, this is a feature that a player will not ignore in order to kill enemies quickly and take less damage.

In Contra Returns, players will choose between different game modes, and the first mode you need to pay attention to is the story mode. The game will provide players with challenging levels that they need to overcome. Also, in addition to fire attacks, players can also use the characters’ unique abilities to damage enemies. Some abilities will have a set amount and require a cooldown until they can be used again.

As you complete the levels, you will face many different challenges, with new enemies appearing one after another. They can usually be soldiers or high-attack machines that always want to destroy you. Also, giant monsters will appear on some levels and require you to dodge their powerful attacks, and notifications will come before they are attacked.

Apart from the story levels, players should also not ignore the PVP matches to compete with other players. The number of players involved will vary depending on the mode you choose, and how many modes will appeal to you. For example, castle battles will have three characters in each team, and they will constantly attack each other to take control of the machine in the center of the field. It can be said that its gameplay is similar to capturing the flag in shooting games.

When you use a character in Contra Returns, there are many factors that you need to pay attention to in order to bring out the character’s full potential. The first element is the weapon that you will be able to unlock over time, and of course, you need to use the items that you collect in the level to increase their level. It should have more chance against large monsters that constantly want to attack you.

Aside from powerful weapons, skill is also a factor to consider when it comes to helping out in tough situations and dealing massive damage to enemies. At the same time, the players also see many characters that will open their time. Their skills are unique and create some advantages on the battlefield and especially in PVP matches. So go ahead with the challenges to achieve the power you want.

What's new

What's in the Update
1.Tower of Divinity:A brand-new 3-player Team PvE battle race game mode
2. Galaxy PvP:Fight side by side with your comrades in the all-new Legion Balance 3v3 PvP mode!

New resources
1.Contra Pass S10 Ocean's Heart -Dhanusha
2.Saint Seiya Collab S Hero - Origin
3.Saint Seiya Collab skins -Pegasus and leo
4.Laser Rifle 2nd Awakening -L-8 L-9 L-0 Spread Gun 5S



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