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Players will start their own construction company and have to do tasks like in real life. By completing as much as they can, players will sign many contracts and successfully grow their companies.
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Jul 30, 2019
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Players will start their own construction company and have to do tasks like in real life. By completing as much as they can, players will sign many contracts and successfully grow their companies. Construction Simulator 2 APK is based on income and expenses, if you can balance both features you will have a successful business.

Players will become a contractor with the goal of building their own construction companies. In the beginning, you will transcribe conversations with a teacher who will teach you through the game and control. Pay attention to the dialogues as they sometimes contain useful instructions that may help you in the future. If you don’t want to read too much, you can skip them and start working right away.

Before your boss gives you permission to start your own company, you work on a driving course. The game is open world so you can go anywhere. The main goal is to build your company, protect it, and increase your profits by signing contracts and completing tasks that are usually given. The management of your company will effectively carry out the purchase of new transport, repair, and implementation of all tasks.

You’ll start with the Desert Springs area while others can take their time to level up. The more land you open, the bigger the cities and the more valuable the contracts. Moreover, at the end of each month, you have to pay your bills.

Control system
To complete the tasks without fail, players need to understand the control system first. “Construction Simulator 2” supports two-stick control, with this control, players can freely accelerate, brake, and steer vehicles. However, it may not be as easy as it seems.

Controlling transfers requires a certain level of expertise. In the standard mode, Weltenbauer has made the game a bit more difficult by adding a feature, which is that if you miss the traffic lights or crash into another car, you will be charged and lose your firm’s money. Players will need to find a way to keep up with the rules by learning how to control properly, at a regular pace.

Over 60 different construction jobs to complete
Players will spend most of their time controlling vehicles to repair broken streets, build new apartment buildings, rebuild a bridge, etc. Completing the task will earn you money and allow you to buy tools for new construction vehicles. Better equipment will get your company more profitable jobs in the future.

With each job done, you will gain experience to deal with new available contacts and new vehicles. When you play, you will find that some tasks may take you at least half an hour to complete. The task list is updated regularly, special tasks will be listed separately when players complete previous daily tasks.

The following problems are more difficult than the previous ones, but they will not be too difficult. If you mess up, you can start over, skip some steps, or throw the whole thing aside. However, you should complete most of the tasks because you will earn some points to upgrade some skills, such as reducing vehicle repair costs.

Over 40 licensed construction vehicles and machines from a variety of truck brands
Players may find their favorite truck brands in the game, including Liebherr, STILL, MEILLER Kipper, etc. Whenever you buy a new vehicle, there is a manual that gives you useful instructions on how to check it. However, some of these tutorials don’t go into detail about how the machines work, which sometimes confuses you.

At the beginning of the game, players will start with a basic backpack as their first vehicle, which allows them to dig and move the land with ease. Players also need to make sure they are on the right transport for specific missions.

A long list of achievements awaits
Don’t worry if you can’t find an achievement to achieve, the achievements of “Construction Simulator 2” are very diverse and straightforward. You can get your achievement if you play enough time or complete a certain number of tasks, etc. If you are more interested in the development of the game, you can unlock some achievements, such as leveling up or opening new areas. As mentioned earlier, perfect jobs require constant control, however, if you still can’t figure out the best way to drive your trucks, random driving is also a win.

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