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Beach Buggy Racing 2 Mod APK is an online racing game for kids over 13 years old. The game is a simulation of the famous kart race.
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Sep 22, 2022
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Beach Buggy Racing 2 Mod APK is an online racing game for kids over 13 years old. The game is a simulation of the famous kart race. In this game, players have the opportunity to gain speed and discover more interesting things about kart racing. Dozens of extended races and a variety of race cars are included in the collection. Characters are also individually designed, creating a dynamic competitive environment.

In BB Racing 2, players will have the opportunity to experience kart racing, an extreme sport. First, the player will choose a character for himself. There are many characters designed as cute, funny cartoon characters. Choose your favorite character and name your character. Then choose a suitable car from the game’s custom cars. There are many types of cards with amazing beautiful designs. However, you have to pass many levels and collect coins before you can buy them. Or, if you want, add money to the game to instantly unlock your favorite car.

After completing the preparation steps, the players will be introduced to the direction and how to control the car on the offroad track. Use the handle operation to turn your hand left or right to control the direction of the vehicle. Vehicle speed is maintained by closing the screen. Familiarize yourself with the track and how to move quickly, and then start the first races. The offroad track is designed with dozens of different terrains and locations such as amusement parks, oases, and resorts, and at the same time, experience and racing experience in new places.
Beach Buggy Racing 2 track always has surprises for players. Sometimes it’s a help, but sometimes it’s a challenge and a hindrance. Everywhere on the road, there are acceleration and deceleration lines that do not follow the rules. In addition, there are other items such as protective shields, flying sticks, etc. Drivers touch these things so that they can immediately use the evidence on this road.

In addition, to supporting objects, there are always many obstacles lined up on the road. They are blocks, or stones, depending on the design of each track. Sometimes, it is difficult for players to avoid collisions with very fast driving speed. When you hit an obstacle, your driving speed may decrease slightly. Trying to avoid them would be the best way. However, it is possible to use them to stop your opponent. It will be a perfect plan if you know how to apply. The track will always be more interesting.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 has many game modes, such as training alone or competing with many other players. The solo race mode is a practice mode that improves the players’ skills. In this mode, the player will compete against the time limit. Improve your control and observation skills before competing with many other players. Collect more coins on the way to practice to exchange for new equipment.

Multiplayer mode is a dominant game mode because of the intense competition and excitement it brings. Several players are randomly placed at the starting line, and the race begins after the signal is given. Defeat many opponents with your clever and clever tactics. The first person to the finish line will be named on the leaderboard at the end of the track. In addition, the game organizes daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for all players to experience. Join and prove that you are the best kart racer!

What's new

In this update:
- New driver: Commander Nova
- New car customizations: accessories and paintable brake calipers
- Earn XP in all events including Tournaments and Daily Challenge
- Finish line snaps and car selection added to Photo Mode
- Stability improvements and more!



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