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Arena of Valor is probably no longer a stranger to many players, and even today it is in the first game 1 to please the player.
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Arena of Valor is probably no longer a stranger to many players, and even today it is in the first game 1 to please the player. As a MOBA game with a 3D graphic interface, the manufacturer invests in detail to bring new experiences continuously. The game is simple but very interesting, and there is a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends whenever you want.

Arena of Valor will be very confusing to play for those who are just starting out but don’t worry because the game will support you with the most detailed instructions. You will be assigned several games to play against the machine to familiarize yourself with its interface and operation. The operation is also effortless; on the left side of the screen is an icon to control the character and on the right is an attack button with three different skill boxes.

Each player will control his character on a large map divided into three main paths. The other side of the map will be the opposing team, and both sides will move forward to attack each other. The winning team is the team that destroys the main house of the other side, and along the way, there will be many other small guard towers. Your goal is to kill as many turrets as possible and find a way to reach your opponent’s main turret.

Characters in Arena of Valor are also known as generals with many different roles, and each champion will have their own set of skills. There are six roles: tank, gunner, assassin, assistant, mage, and finally gladiator to choose from. It would help if you have several generals with different roles that you can play for a long time by testing them in screen battles. Playing a variety of champions will help you take the initiative in most situations than if you could just play 1 or 2 familiar champions.

To master many generals, you must first understand the skill set and basic criteria. With weapons, health is very low, but the amount of damage is terrible, and can quickly defeat the opponent. Or magicians often use a set of moves to deal magical damage, such as knocking or stunning an opponent for a short period of time.

The game has different and interesting game modes, so you can try the basic methods chosen by many players, usually the expected battle. You can also share three different game modes with normal modes: mix, machine, and training. When you choose a co-op match, you will be randomly matched with other players, and each team will consist of 5 people. You can also choose hook mode for entertainment, but it only turns on for a specific time.

Don’t mention ranked mode because that’s where everyone shows their skills, and the ultimate goal is to win at all costs. In ranked mode, you will compete against many other players of the same level, and you will get an extra star to level up with each win and be rewarded on the prestigious leaderboard.

In addition to the gameplay, Arena of Valor is also known as a game that attracts many players because it is constantly improving from image to quality. You not only experience the mixed and broken visuals but also immerse yourself in the world of very sharp graphics. In fact, by investing in detailed and detailed maps for each stage, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

After each update, the graphics will be improved than before and completely changed to meet the needs of the players. The visual effects of the grass, river bank, rocks, and even the monsters are very realistic to look very scary. The visuals and sound effects are also very clear, for example when attacking or defeating an opponent.



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