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The powerful birds are back in Angry Birds 2 and are equipped with interesting features. The game is still the story of birds destroying evil enemies, but many new things are hidden in this new chapter.
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Oct 14, 2022
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The powerful birds are back in Angry Birds 2 and are equipped with interesting features. The game is still the story of birds destroying evil enemies, but many new things are hidden in this new chapter. If you are a lover of shooting games with coordinates, this is the choice that many people are aware of. Start determining the coordinates of the opponent to bring your birds, destroy and break all the tasks of the green pigs.

A blue pig came in to steal the precious eggs of the birds. This is the beginning of the war between the family of blue pigs and crazy birds. Blue pigs not only steal eggs but also imprison birds. The angry birds will attack the blue pigs, and a bird named Red must find a way to get the key to free his friends.

With this new version, you will need to team up with your friends and create blocks to destroy enemy buildings. Drag your slingshot and adjust the coordinates for your bird to hit the target. There will be many game modes for you to experience, and in this new version, players will control more characters. Birds in Angry Birds 2 include Red, Chuck, Blue, Bomb, and Mathilda, especially a brand new bird, Silver. This beautiful bird has a unique fighting ability to hover in the air, a powerful attack force that will worry the blue pig army.

Each bird has its own fighting skills and attack power, and you need to choose the one with the best destructive skills to start a sniper battle. After you pick a bird, you put it on the slingshot and aim at the blue pig holding the eggs and friends. Get the right direction, and give reasonable tactics, such as hitting the main posts, so that the surrounding wooden bars also fall.

Falling wood chips will crush the nasty green pigs. In addition, a second factor that affects the flight path is the wind. In Angry Birds 2, gusts of wind will make the birds fly, and you will be mad when the secret doors let the birds fly. In addition, the strange birds will hinder you a lot when they can trap and release the crazy flying birds. You will be lucky enough to win.

You will start playing the easiest levels and then progress to more difficult levels with more blue pigs and building their dungeon. You will get many different levels, and the difficulty will gradually increase. The game will constantly update new levels to meet the demands of all players.

When you face challenging levels to win, you can also use coins to buy spells or add lives to increase your fighting power. Recipes like freezing whole green pork with cold air, or you can even slice them with chili peppers. You can also unlock advanced weapons to destroy the works of green pigs. Once you fight the Boss Pig, you will definitely be excited at the end of the level. The captain always needs to be shot by more crazy birds. Aim precisely and correctly calculate the bird’s flight path to overcome the challenges every day, and you will also win many beautiful rewards.

You also increase the destructive power of your birds by upgrading them with new feathers. Unlocking the bird with new clothes will increase its fighting ability, and you will get high scores. Create bird fighters that can destroy all enemy positions.

Not only play alone, but you can also join a team with other players to defeat the blue pig faster. If you don’t like to play with teammates but prefer to compete with other players, take your birds to the challenging field. Show your aiming ability right to compete with many other players. The way you can earn money in Angry Birds 2 is to focus on Bootcamp with the mysterious eagle.

Players want to enhance the beauty of their birds, and you need to collect feather shoes or beautiful styles to give your bird a unique fashion style. Angry Birds 2 has a new change in terms of content and format. The images in the characters are designed in a sophisticated way, with beautiful colors for the players to feel that they are enjoying a real cartoon. Start your journey to save the caged birds and return the precious eggs to their nests today.

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Minor fixes. Just pecking at a few bugs. Delicious!



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