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AFK Arena APK is a fantasy RPG based on Celtic mythology. Over 45 million downloads worldwide! The popular work known from Haruna Kawaguchi's TV commercial is out in Japan!
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Oct 28, 2022
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AFK Arena APK is a fantasy RPG based on Celtic mythology. Over 45 million downloads worldwide! The popular work known from Haruna Kawaguchi’s TV commercial is out in Japan! If you enter the serial code published on the official Twitter, you can use 30 consecutive gachas, and if you match the pre-registration rewards, a total of 41 consecutive gachas are possible! Let’s go to the new world with 6 contestants in a colorful fantasy world like stained glass.

On the main screen, heroes are constantly fighting, and over time, you can earn money, experience points, and equipment. It can also be left offline. When you challenge the next level, a real semi-automatic battle will occur! 5 pre-organized characters will move and attack automatically. Players consume character-specific stats accumulated by attacks and activate active abilities to lead heroes to victory.

Automatic battles on the main screen and during stage progress. Characters fighting red in battle are drawn with colorful designs in the style of Celtic mythology, and detailed profiles are prepared for each character. It’s an interesting read, and since the voices of the wonderful voice actors are also recorded, the worldview was very well made for this genre. It is also interesting that it is a prize amount that makes it easy to decide to start, such as 41 draws using pre-registration prizes and serial codes.

Characters can be upgraded through events, collecting pieces, loot, etc. be obtained. There are levels, tools, and training menus to learn and strengthen skills for each of the 10 levels, and unique skills and factions are introduced for each. In addition to some fractions, reinforcement effects will occur if you organize a certain number of the same fraction in a party, so we choose and maximize when controlling fractions and shortages.

Gacha can be used when the base is opened, so first of all, use the early series characters and “Spring Breeze Daughter Freira” that you can get on the way to close the stage. At this time, it is best not to raise the level of low-level characters as much as possible, but to strengthen Freira by one point.

The Freira faction can easily create fruitful effects and can be linked to different factions parties. As for strengthening the rare range, you can use the reset that later returns the consumed materials, but you can suppress the indiscriminate consumption of diamonds. After progressing 1-12, use gacha as much as possible and train characters of the same faction.

What's new

New Heroes
1. New Wilder Hero: Nevanthi - The Green Lady

2. The new hero Nevanthi - The Green Lady will be available to test play.

3. Added the Bountiful Trials event for Nevanthi - The Green Lady, as well as the Arena of Trials event "Guild Trials".


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